Announcing Maker Mastermind™ Circles

I am excited today to announce that applications are open for the first Maker Mastermind™ Circles. A Maker Mastermind Circle is a community of two or more similarly situated, like-minded Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs who gather regularly to address and solve their biggest business challenges, and celebrate success together. Together, you and your Maker Mastermind Leader and carefully curated circle follow this simple Success Path: set goal, measure progress, be accountable, achieve goal. Click the image to apply now!

Why Maker Mastermind Circles?

Maker Mastermind Circles builds on the success of the Maker Mastermind Live events I have hosted in cities nationwide, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Portland, and Nashville. It’s been four years since I hosted the first live event, and so many Makers (many of them members of the Indie Business Network) have honed the vision for their brands, and turned their ideas into action steps and tangible products. I had no idea how impactful Maker Mastermind would be …

But, something has been missing …

Time and again, people have asked me if they could participate in a Maker Mastermind event virtually. So many people find it difficult to leave their families and their businesses for a chunk of time.

Maker Mastermind Circles were created in response to those requests. Now, you can enjoy the unique benefits of the Maker Mastermind from the comfort of your own home, workspace, coffee shop, or wherever you are working at any given time!

Apply TODAY!

Hurry! Applications close soon and space is limited!

If you are ready to replace lackluster mega goal setting strategies with bite-sized heat seeking success steps that help you hit your target — every. single. time, then now is the time to learn more and apply to be a part of the first Maker Mastermind Circles here.


Are ready to completely slay one audacious goal and two mini goals in a 12-week period, with the personalized guidance of an experienced entrepreneurial mentor and the support of a loving community? Of course you are!! Who isn't?! Be sure to check out the details, and, if you get a chance, please do share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Donna Maria is an author, podcaster, attorney, and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, providing affordable product liability insurance and mentoring. Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business.