Artisan Product of the Year 2018: Winners

I am pleased to announce the 2018 Artisan Products of the Year! Our winners were selected by our three amazing Influencer Judges: Damaris Lewis, Jaime Schmidt, and Sommer Poquette. If you missed the overview of the Artisan Product of the Year Awards, what they stand for, and why they are so important in the Artisan and Maker communities, you can read it here.

Skin CareBath & BodyLifestyle & Home

The winners were selected to represent four categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and innovative spirit of the Artisan Entrepreneur:

Skin Care
Bath + Body
Lifestyle + Home

Let's Meet The Winners!

Skin Care


Winner: Pure Fusion Oil: KENZA International Beauty: Long Island City, New York

KENZA International Beauty LLC is our winner in the Skin Care category. The KENZA Pure Fusion Oil is a rich, natural daily moisturizer that combines two of the best botanical oils for skincare: Argan and Prickly Pear Seed. It deeply moisturizes and protects skin from free radicals while naturally preserving a youthful appearance. You can purchase this product at the KENZA website at this link.

“Great light oil for daily use.” – Damaris Lewis

Runner Up: 
Illuminating Eye Cream: True North Beauty: Lake View Plantation, Maine

Lightweight yet potent eye cream enhances the appearance of smooth, firm, and bright skin around the delicate eye area. Infused with our exclusive, patent pending, antioxidant-rich Chaga Infused Formula and soothing botanical extracts to promote the development of healthier and younger looking skin. Get yours here.

Honorable Mention: Rose Cardamom Lip Balm: METTA Good: California

These small batch, artisan lip balms are inspired by love and nature. Infused with ethically sourced beeswax and premium essential oils. METTA Good uses organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. Get yours here.

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Bath & Body

Winner: Waxing Kara: Haute Cocoa® Body Gift: Owings Mills, Maryland

Made from natural, food-grade ingredients that would not be possible without the pollinating efforts of honeybees, the Haute Cocoa Body Gift features a Honey Body Butter, Mask, Honey Body Scrub, and fragrant Soy Candle. It’s the perfect way to sink into chocolatey bliss any time you need an escape. Get some now!

Love to love chocolate! I'd recommend a brown or a black jar top. It keeps me in the same chocolate fantasy as the box. So much fun To be had with each jar. Love the skin type breakdowns. – Damaris Lewis.

Learn more about Waxing Kara and its founder, Kara Brook, in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

Runner Up: Lemon Verbena Body Scrub: Wild Air Skincare: Centerbrook, Connecticut

Lemon Verbena Body Scrub is infused with lemon oil to provide a refreshing, aromatic, sensory experience. The fine cane sugar, unrefined shea butter and luxurious oils blend together leaving your skin silky smooth. Buy some today and say “bye bye” to dry skin.

Honorable Mention: Hair Perfume Serum: Zodica Perfumery: Monroe, Wisconsin.

The Zodica Perfumery Hair Perfume Serum helps hair hold scent for an all-day perfume aura without the drying effects of alcohol found in perfume. The hair serum is a restorative treatment serum that uses Moroccan Argan oil, harvested by a Berber women's cooperative. The oil will help to moisturize, nourish and protect the hair, and uses the same high-quality perfume oils as found in the Zodica Perfumery eau de parfums. Your hair helps to hold scent longer than perfume on skin because the oils evaporate by the air, instead of body temperature. Grab some today!

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Lifestyle & Home

Winner: Laundry Soap: MamaSuds: Goodrich, Michigan

Mama Suds Laundry Soap is formulated and made by Michelle Smith in Goodrich, Michigan, based on her family's need for a laundry soap that cleaned everything from cloth diapers to everyday fabrics without the fuss and drama associated with sorting through different cleaners for different needs. It's gentle enough to not irritate baby's skin and effective enough to for everyday use. Get yours now, just in time for all of those holiday messes!

Besides the fact that this laundry soap smells great, is tough on stains and highly concentrated, I love the simplicity of the brand packaging. Oh, and mama's using cloth diapers, this is safe to use. Bonus! #greenlove #clothdiapers #natural – Sommer Poquette

Learn more about Mama Suds and its founder, Michelle Smith, in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

Runner Up: Soy Candle: Litwick’s: Oakland, California

All candles are 100% hand-poured and individually inspected for aesthetics and to ensure that only the highest quality candles make it into the hands of our customers. Get some now to warm your holidays.

Honorable Mention: All Purpose Cleaner: Shabby Chick Natural Products: Duncan, Oklahoma

This 100% natural all purpose cleaner is safe, non-toxic, and effective! Only use food grade ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils are used, and each bottle is handcrafted in Shabby Chic's woman owned and managed factory in Duncan, Oklahoma! Buy yours right here, right now!

I have to say, this cleaner really works well on my granite counter tops. After visiting the website and checking out the ingredients and other products, I really want to try the pumpkin spice laundry soap. #PumpkinSpice #Naturalproducts – Sommer Poquette

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Congratulations Winners!

Please join me in congratulating all the Indie Business Network 2018 Artisan Products of the Year, the Runners Up and Honorable Mentions, and the amazing Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs that bring these wonderful products to you!

A Special Thank You To Our Influencer Judges!

Winners were selected by a carefully curated panel of Influencer Judges who took special care to give each of the dozens of products submitted individualized focus and attention. We are so grateful to them: Damaris Lewis, Jamie Schmidt, and Sommer Poquette.


Have you tried any of these amazing products? What are your experiences with these fabulous brands? And if you like spreading good news, please share this post with your friends so they can be inspired by these great American made products too! Share easily on on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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