Our August 2015 Access Q+A Coaching Call

Entrepreneurship can be lonely … but not for members of the Indie Business Network. Every month, I and IBN's Head Coach, Christine Laureano, host a private coaching call exclusively for members of the Indie Business Network so they can get answers to their most pressing business and success questions. Today's call was one of our most highly attended ever, and we covered a ton of topics, including pitching your products to luxury buyers, setting up a successful sales process using social media and your email newsletter, and so much more. The information and inspiration was off the chain.

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As always, our call was recorded for members who cannot attend live.

This month, our Head Coach, Christine Laureano (left) was joined by our Guest Member coach Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you are a member, you'll get the recording tomorrow. If you're not a member, this call alone is worth more than a full year of membership dues. (You should join!)

About This Month's Coaches

Jennifer Waller

Your Guest Member Coach for August 2015 is Jennifer Waller. Jennifer is the founder of Celtic Complexion, which she launched after years of selling cosmetics as cosmetics counters, and after earning credentials as an esthetician and makeup artist. Jennifer is a walking, talking version of her brand. The red hair, the skin tone, the bright eyes and everything about her oozes self-care, feminine style, and grace. A Celtic woman making Celtic products.

In just 5 short years, Jennifer has gone from simply making and selling products to creating a long lasting brand that stands for more than just products. Jennifer leads by example, teaching people every day how to dream, focus, execute, and serve. She does all of these things exceedingly well, and today's call was a special treat.

You can read more about Jennifer and her story here.

Visit Jennifer's website here.

Christine Laureano

Christine is a certified professional coach and the Founder and Chief Formulator at Ba6Botanicals in Hampton Bays, New York. She is a contributing co-author to Embracing Your Authentic Self, an Amazon International Happiness Bestseller. Christine draws on successes and tragic disappointments, both personal and professional, to help women be successful in their lives and in their businesses.

Learn more about Christine here.

Especially For Our Members … (and you should be one!)

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