Avoid The Blogger’s Kiss Of Death

Bring Something To The Party, Or Else

In my Blogging For Business Tutorials, I make it clear that blogging can help Indie Business owners expand and grow their ventures by leaps and bounds. At a minimum, a relevant comment at a blog that links to your blog or site can result in new online traffic for you. If done consistently over a period of time, blog comments can generate new sales, positive media attention, writing gigs, book contracts and everything in between!


But with so many online marketing "experts" encouraging you to increase traffic by contributing blog comments that include a link to your site, don't think that means you can show up empty handed. You have to also bring something of value to the party.

Come Ready To Make A Genuine Contribution

Showing up empty handed at someone else's blog happens when you post an irrelevant or superfluous comment just so you can link to your site or blog. It is the kiss of death not only for a worthless comment, but perhaps also for your credibility.

At Indie Busniess Blog, one of my main goals is to inform my blog visitors about topics they care about, and to invite them to share their opinions, tips and experiences with everyone who visits. People take valuable time out of their busy day to read my blog, so I do everything I can to encourage lively discussion and ensure that no one leaves feeling like they have just wasted their time.

That's why I delete comments like, "I agree, Donna Maria. And here's a link to my blog where I'm giving away free stuff!" I'm not here to have people affirm my ideas and thoughts. I'm here to share them and generate discussion. Maybe there's another way to view a topic. Maybe my opinion is weird. Or maybe I'm just wrong in someone else's eyes. I love comments that provoke genuine thought and conversation. I care more about quality than quantity. One substantive comment that inspires my blog readers is worth more than 50 "me too" comments, especially if they are thinly veiled attempts to use my blog to get free publicity.

Seek To Create A Win/Win Situation

If you have something substantive, informative, interesting or entertaining to share, I hope you will. And when you do, I hope you'll leave behind your website or blog link so we can all learn more about you and the products and services you offer. After all, I am a firm believer in link love. On the other hand, if all you really want to do is promote your business, I'm happy to sell you an ad.

Bring Something To The Party

You'd never go to a pot luck dinner without bringing a dish, tell everyone how you make the best bar-b-que ribs, and then proceed to inhale the food everyone else bought. The same principle of fairness and respect applies in the blogosphere. Either bring something to the party or stay home.

What Do You Think?

There I go, asking for opinions again. But really, has this happened to you at your blog? What do you do? Moderate? Disallow comments altogether? Do you have the time to do anything at all? I'd love to learn about your tips and insights.

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