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This is the third in a series of posts inspired by my post about how blogging on a schedule can help keep blogging quick and painless. I posted an "interview" post on Monday and a "holiday/current events" post yesterday. I suggested a "new product or service post" on Wednesdays. But here's the thing. It's your blog, so you can change your schedule whenever you feel like it.

In my first law firm job, my goal was to become one of the first woman partners in the firm. My mentors advised me that, one of the things I needed to do to achieve that goal was to dress like a woman partner. In other words, appear to be what I wanted to be, in order to become what I wanted to be.


I thought of this when a recent article in my local paper reported on how presidential candidate Barack Obama uses technology to pursue his goal of becoming the next president of the United States. For example, on January 28, 2008, within a few minutes of President Bush's final state of the union address, Obama recorded a video response. The press was not there, no press releases were issued and there was no media frenzy to find out what Obama thought about Bush's speech.

No matter, because within minutes of recording the video, Obama's team loaded it to the campaign's YouTube page. To date, it has enjoyed 1,357,302 plays.

Think. About. That.

Barack Obama has millions upon millions of dollars at his disposal. The same technology that's available to him is available to you and your small business.

Do you have a YouTube page? Get one. And become the news you want to be.

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