Introducing IBN’s Collaborative Financial Leadership Program

We have all heard the news. We are all experiencing collective fallout. In the wake of COVID-19, the Indie Business Network is facing an unprecedented opportunity to serve our members better as they lead their businesses through this time of freakish uncertainty.

At IBN, we’re committed to helping you thrive in these turbulent times. As supply chains are temporarily disrupted and local and state governments are forcing the temporary closing of retail stores, it is more important than ever that IBN harness its resources to provide an extraordinary level of support.

This is one of a series of announcements about our new initiatives.

Together, we must use technology to innovate, and create ways to position IBN as an organization to support as many Makers as possible.

To support our efforts, we have created the Collaborative Financial Leadership Program (CFLP).

Collaborative Financial Leadership Program

CFLP has three main components:
  • Collaborative component. Regional leaders, selected from IBN's membership, who will will work directly with me to grow their businesses, and also assist me in guiding and directing the future of the Indie Business Network.
  • Financial component. Our regional leaders will participate in a financial incentive program, rewarding them with passive income when they refer new members to IBN.
  • Leadership component. Our regional leaders will lead our newly formed virtual ad hoc regional Facebook communities, facilitating the sharing of regional health and business related resources, testing and medical supply and treatment information, networking, uplift, collaboration, and encouragement.

Meet Our New Regional Leaders

Midwest Region

The Midwest region includes Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Members: Join the Midwest Region here.

Marla Bosworth: Midwest Region Leader

Marla is the founder of Back Porch Soap Co., founded in 1998, which hosts workshops in organic soapmaking, candle making and plant-based skincare. Marla is well-known in the indie beauty community for sharing her knowledge of natural cosmetic and soap formulation, along with her extensive background in entrepreneurship. She teaches experiential workshops that engage and empower students with knowledge in healing, natural skincare formulation. Marla is a shamanic practitioner and energy soul coach, who speaks at corporate events, private parties, wellness events and conferences around the world.

Visit Back Porch Soap Co. here.

West Region

Members: Join the West Region here.

The West Region includes Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.

Sharon Falsetto: West Region Leader

Sharon is the founder of Sedona Aromatics in Sedona, Arizona. She is a graduate of Penny Price Aromatherapy Academy and has furthered her aromatherapy education with a week-long study trip to France, a hands-on distillation workshop with Ann Harman in Washington state, herbal studies, and master garden studies. She is also a certified reflexologist (UK) and trained briefly in aromatherapy massage in the UK. Sharon offers aromatherapy products and services to help people live their best aromatic lives.

Visit Sedona Aromatics here.

South Region

Members: Join the South Region here.

The South Region encompasses Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

Carrie Seibert: South Region Leader

Carrie is the founder of Soap Commander in Ardmore. Alabama, where she and her family of eight serve the wet shaving needs of men around the globe. Soap Commander's continuing goal is to encourage and empower men mentally and emotionally toward daily leadership in their own lives, as well as the lives of their families, their workplaces, their communities, and other spheres of influence in which they are placed. 

Visit Soap Commander here.

Pacific Region

Members: Join the Pacific Region here.

The Pacific Region covers Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Susan Varga: Pacific Region Leader

Susan Varga is the Creator and Principle Perfumer at Aromatic Traditions® in La Conner, Washington, where she consults, custom formulates and micro-manufactures for blossoming and boutique skin care product and natural perfume brands.  Started in 1998 she grew her personal skin care business from a single retail product, the Blue Pearl lotion, to a retail facility where she started her first personal health care product line, Lilly’s Essential Products, later to become Aromatic Traditions.

Visit Aromatic Traditions here.

Roberta Perry: Northeast Region Leader

Roberta Perry is the Founder and President of ScrubzBody Skin Care Products in Farmingdale, New York, where she and her team give you “permission to pamper” every day! Whether it's in a jar or a bottle, the ladies at Scrubz love to bring you simple, effective, great for your skin products. As seen on BRAVO TV's Sell it Like Serhant, Season One, Roberta not only welcomes you with products, but also into her lovely retail store where you can shop, and even book your own pamper party! ScrubzBody also offers private label services, so check them out if you want your products made for your label.

Visit Scrubz Body Skin Care Products here.

Updates are Pending

We are currently filling Collaborative Financial Leadership positions in the Southwest Region and Mid-Atlantic Regions. This post will be updated as those positions are filled.

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