G’wan by Charon

  • Owner: Charon Richardson
  • Member Since: November 2021


  • Owner: Susan Van Alstyne
  • Member Since: October 2021
I am still in the development/planning stages.

Gaelle Organic

  • Owner: Paul Kennedy
  • Member Since: October 2013

Gagliardi Designs

  • Owner: Tina Riffle-Burlingame
  • Member Since: September 2018
Elegant, all natural hand-poured soy candles.

Garden District Soapery

  • Owner: Bridgette Guillory
  • Member Since: January 2018

Garden of Wisdom LLC

  • Owner: Markey Martin
  • Member Since: September 2014
We are a small skin care business located in beautiful Prescott, AZ. Our unwavering commitment to producing top quality skin care products has brought us around to a full circle of customers around the world.

Gavin Luxe

  • Owner: Myisha McCarthy (Koonce)
  • Member Since: August 2015
Sensuous fragrance for the home & body

Gay Candle Co

  • Owner: Cameron Dutt
  • Member Since: October 2021
Gay Candle Co. Born out of a desire to make beautiful, renewably sourced, clean wooden wick candles. No carcinogens. No toxins. No parabens. No phthalates. Gluten free. Hand poured with love.

Gemini Magick

  • Owner: Jennifer Mendoza Lopez
  • Member Since: July 2021
Soy wax candles, bath salts, room sprays, crystals, incense,

Genesis Day3 Herbal Body Oils

  • Owner: Laneice Hicks
  • Member Since: April 2021
Herbal infused body oils and fragrant soaps
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