Good Scents, Inc.

  • Owner: Maren Good
  • Member Since: January 2012
The Good Scents line creates products with the intent to simplify the experience of aromatherapy and essential oils. The company goal has always been to make it inviting to bring aromatherapy into daily life. These products offer opportunities to discover the many creative ways to include essential oils in one's world; whether as a therapist in the massage room, a teacher or practitioner in the yoga studio, or in an office environment, or simply for personal uses. Inspired by the works of Masaru Emoto and studies of sacred geometry, the essential oils blends are harmonically tuned. Using specific harmonic intervals drawn from the Music of the Spheres, Maren's knowledge of sound healing combines with the world of essential oils to harmonize each blend with the rhythms and frequencies of nature and the cosmos. This process deeply activates and magnifies the intent of her essential oil creations. Maren has created a line of products trademarked as "Essential Care Kits" that target various activities including yoga, the office, meditation, chakra balancing, personal wellness and more.

Good Sniffs and Co

  • Owner: Lauren Kalaw
  • Member Since: August 2019
Candle Company

Good Vibes Scents

  • Owner: Cindy Millan
  • Member Since: November 2020
Soy wax candle company based in Northern California.

Good Witch Candles

  • Owner: Ashley McCown
  • Member Since: August 2020
Badass Crystal & Scented Candles for the Modern Free-Spirit.

Good’s Trading Company

  • Owner: Patti Good
  • Member Since: October 2020
candles, bath and body products, home goods

Good4u Organics

  • Owner: Ron Lee
  • Member Since: April 2020
Good4u Organics is a skincare manufacturing company that has been dedicated to bringing our customers the very best in natural and organic products.


  • Owner: Jessica Tillery
  • Member Since: December 2020
Hand-make candles and sell.

Gorudo Candles LLC

  • Owner: Damaris Lewis
  • Member Since: February 2017

Got lice llc

  • Owner: Patricia Gorman
  • Member Since: May 2016
Organic bug repellant company

Grace Organics and Naturals

  • Owner: Wilma (Dale) Eickhoff
  • Member Since: August 2020
At Grace organics and Naturals we sell soap, body care, and home products ( laundry and dish soap).
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