Goddess Skincare

  • Owner: Ashlee Smalls
  • Member Since: October 2020
Goddess Skincare is a beauty brand owned and operated by a mother/daughter duo based out of Harlem, New York and Laguna Beach, California. We specialize in crafting products which act as a topical vegetable for the skin designed to nourish from the neck down.

Goest Perfumes LLC

  • Owner: Jacqueline Steele
  • Member Since: December 2018
Manufacture of specialty perfumes, toiletries, candles, and room sprays, as well as B2B consulting on fragrance development and cosmetic projects.

Gold Pearl Candle Co.

  • Owner: Preston (Ebony) Ford
  • Member Since: July 2020

Golden Arrow Studio

  • Owner: Amanda Nowak
  • Member Since: May 2019
Manufacture Bath and Beauty Supplies

Golden Earth

  • Owner: Elizabeth Golden
  • Member Since: May 2011

Good and Well Supply Co.

  • Owner: Megan McLaughlin
  • Member Since: April 2016
Small batch soy candles inspired by + derived from the Great Outdoors.

Good Face Stuff

  • Owner: Leda Lum
  • Member Since: January 2017
your pod cast!

Good Flower Farm

  • Owner: Rachel Carpenter
  • Member Since: February 2020
Good Flower Farm is an organically-operated body care brand + farm located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. We mindfully craft skin + body care products in small batches using herbs we grow on our 13-acre farm using sustainable practices. We farm and create in a way that is as environmentally sustainable as possible - from where/how we source seeds to watering practices, to the containers and of course the ingredients we put in our products, all the way to shipping/packaging materials. We are also proudly woman-owned (me!) and operated.

Good Horse Scents, LLC

  • Owner: Connie Boggess
  • Member Since: February 2019
Founded in 2016 - due to the need for "clean" products - I took my hobby further into a part-time job. Good Horse Scents, LLC was created to make naturally, nourishing - bath and body products. We use botanicals, herbs, lard, butters and oils to create our products. We teach local folks that history of Soaping in Appalachia and have a blast doing it. We have learned so much along the path - and seek MORE!!


  • Owner: Anna Lam
  • Member Since: January 2012
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