O’Malley & Potter

  • Owner: Claudia O'Malley
  • Member Since: January 2012

Oakhill Illuminated, LLC.

  • Owner: Tricia Klein
  • Member Since: November 2020
hand-poured scented soy-blend candle making

Oavender LLC

  • Owner: Cassandra Wong
  • Member Since: November 2018
Handcrafted soap and bath products

Obsidian: The Signature BLK

  • Owner: Shanay Walker
  • Member Since: February 2022
Obsidian: The Signature BLK, is a minimalist, luxe candle company that creates non toxic candles.

Obsidien’s Boutique LLC

  • Owner: Tracee Cosner
  • Member Since: December 2021
Handcrafting natural products for the skin and hair.

Ocean Love Organics

  • Owner: Mary Beltrante
  • Member Since: April 2021
Ocean Love Organics offers a selection of soy candles and salt bath products, handmade with care and expertise, using the purest, most natural ingredients, blended to heal, soothe, and relax your body, mind and spirit.

Oceans Glow

  • Owner: Margaret Hoogendoorn
  • Member Since: March 2022
Homemade soaps and personal care products

Oceans Silk, LLC

  • Owner: Elizabeth Dawley
  • Member Since: August 2021
Oceana Silk is a small, family-owned business, that focuses on creating artisan soap using traditional cold process methods with responsibly sourced vegan ingredients.

October Fields

  • Owner: Sloane Rogers
  • Member Since: October 2018
OCTOBER FIELDS® herbals + apothecary is an organic herb farm and apothecary. From seed to seal, we craft naturally effective goods from vibrant healing plants.

Oemleria Soap Co

  • Owner: Alexa Cabullos
  • Member Since: September 2020
Oemleria Soap Co makes small batch cold process soap in Seattle, WA. I lovingly make, create, test, design, package and ship everything! This means it is truly small batch, and I have full control of the process and ingredients. I try my hardest to be plastic free, low waste, and eco friendly.
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