Oso Fresh Soap LLC

  • Owner: Aaron Flores
  • Member Since: January 2021
Hand made goat milk soaps and sundries.

Otaku Scents

  • Owner: Ashley Roybal
  • Member Since: February 2017
Candles, wax melts, room sprays, etc.

Ouli’s Ointment

  • Owner: Stephanie Gannon-Malcom
  • Member Since: January 2021
Ouli's Ointment aims to create multi-use products for skin and soul. Using organic or wildcrafted ingredients and reusable packaging our brand aims to reduce waste in the beauty industry and inspire simplicity, while creating adaptable products.

Our Little Lavender Company

  • Owner: Jacqueline Ambriola
  • Member Since: April 2020
Farm Grown Lavender, Hand Made Artisan Essential Oil Products


  • Owner: Rebecca Guenther
  • Member Since: November 2021
OuroHermetica is a handmade aromatherapy and body care line based on herbal magic.

Outer Banks Wax Co.

  • Owner: Kyong-nam (Reggie) Filkins
  • Member Since: January 2022
Hand made goods

Outlaw Soaps

  • Owner: Danielle Vincent
  • Member Since: March 2013
Being a gambler isn't just about taking chances, it's about looking at your hand and seeing opportunities where others see a time to fold. Some call it a luck of the draw, but you know better. You know that your luck is your own, and the hand you're dealt is just one of many factors in a full game that you were born to win. Sit down, shuffle up, and we'll deal you in. This unique cologne is inspired by bourbon, tobacco, and leather. It's the perfect sidekick of liquid boldness to join you in your life of adventure.

Overland Essentials LLC

  • Owner: Wendy Beard
  • Member Since: March 2021
Handcrafted soaps, skincare, candles and wax melts

Owl & Moon Apothecary

  • Owner: Diana Walker
  • Member Since: May 2020

Owl Ridge Farm, LLC

  • Owner: Janet Ham
  • Member Since: November 2014
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