Opal & Sage Collective

  • Owner: Hailey Sawicki
  • Member Since: January 2022
Opal & Sage Collective works to emphasize the importance of wellness and self-care with handcrafted soaps, bath & body products, crystals, smudging, home fragrance, and other gifts. All of the products are crafted with intention and with the customer in mind.

Orange BLossom Candle Company

  • Owner: Jacque James
  • Member Since: April 2018
makers of soy candles

Orbit Candles

  • Owner: Rebecca Nowak
  • Member Since: September 2020
Selling homemade candles.

Orchard Harvest LLC

  • Owner: Mary Wisniewski
  • Member Since: December 2011
I started my business in 2004. I manufacture hand poured Soy/Palm wax blend candles with Fresh & Earthy Premium grade fragrances or Essential oils. Contemporary candles that will fit into any decor. Very well liked by both men and women due to their unique fragrance blends.


  • Owner: Reid Laffere
  • Member Since: October 2018
Handmake USDA Certified Organic personal care products.

Organic Body Essentials

  • Owner: Vickie Natale
  • Member Since: May 2019
Hand-crafted personal care products from the cleanest, highest-quality, certified organic plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world--and absolutely no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or GMOs--Organic Body Essentials products are unique, effective, and healthy for the skin and the body. From facial care to skin repair in addition to therapeutic and cleansing products, Organic Body Essentials delivers a full line of head-to-toe treatments that are truly clean and natural--and that work. Despite the wave of the organic movement, there continue to be very few "natural" skincare brands on the market that are certified organic like Organic Body Essentials with the added consumer assurance of a regulatory agency that audits the products regularly. But, more than that, the clean, simple, proven ingredients speak for themselves--cleansing, beautifying, protecting, and comforting the skin for a better healthy glow, both inside and out.


  • Owner: Pansy Vanessa Bonner
  • Member Since: December 2011

Original Essential Oils LLC

  • Owner: Jon Mullikin
  • Member Since: April 2021
OEO was founded with three core principles: 1.) Source only the highest quality, 100% pure, natural oils 2.) Provide these oils at the lowest prices 3.) Always do our very best to make our customers happy Those principles guide our every move and inform our every decision.

Original Moxie, LLC

  • Owner: Rachel Blistein
  • Member Since: May 2012
Original Moxie's unique diagnostic approach harnesses the power of nature to create hair care solutions that fit the real you. Enriched with botanicals and natural extracts, each product is customized to deliver targeted results to diverse textures. Our products are custom blended and hand crafted in our Michigan headquarters and distributed at fine retailers, including Sephora, and salons throughout the US. Learn more at originalmoxie.com.

Oshan Essentials LLC

  • Owner: Shelley Leemor
  • Member Since: September 2017
natural skin care made on maui
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