Episode 53: Briar Winters of Marble & Milkweed [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this episode, I introduce you to Briar Winters of Marble & Milkweed in New York City. Briar launched her business in 2010 after a career as a pastry chef in a Manhattan hotel. The tagline for Briar's business is “analog beauty,” a mindset that very much represents the simplicity and elegance of her handmade products.

On Indie Business Podcast, Briar shares about how she manages her business, including why she chose Squarespace to host her website, and why she insists on making each and every product herself. You'll love hearing a little about Briar's approach to entrepreneurship, and how she has formed a beautiful collaboration with other like-minded entrepreneurs to support and uplift each other personally and professionally. Enjoy my interview with Briar NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

  1. The inspiration for the Marble & Milkweed brand. (starting at 2:21)
  2. How Briar transitioned from her chef career with the support of her foodie colleagues, by doing part-time work and freelance projects. (starting at 5:07)
  3. The story of “marble & milkweed” as a brand name, and how intuitive the naming process was for Briar. (starting at 9:32)
  4. How Briar uses imagery to reflect her brand message and story. (starting at 14:25)
  5. Briar shares the Plant Fam community, and how it came together to share sources and encourage and cross promote each other's businesses. (starting at 15:30)
  6. Briar's favorite Instagram editing tools, and her approach to Instagram and social media in general. (starting at 20:05)
  7. The website design and hosting platforms Briar has chosen, and why. (starting at 22:48)
  8. Why Briar makes every product she sells, and has no employees or interns. (starting at 24:50)

  9. How Briar continues to define her life on her own terms, controlling her business growth, and resisting what she calls the “pressure to conform to a certain trajectory in your business,” yet manages to have her products in woman-owned retail stores nationwide — and in Australia too! (starting at 25:55)
  10. How Briar has pared down her product line, which allows her to focus on seasonal items and limited editions. (starting at 29:44)
  11. What is “analog beauty?” (starting at 33:34)
  12. Briar's best selling product. (starting at 36:43)
  13. Briar's words of encouragement to Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. (starting at 38:16)
  14. What being Indie means to Briar. (starting at 39:36)

Episode 53: Resources in this Episode

  1. Recommended image editor: VSCO on for iOS devices and Android
  2. Community: PlantFam. (More on building community around your brand).
  3. Website platforms: Squarespace and Shopify
  4. Social media scheduler: HootSuite
  5. Social media management: Sprout Social
  6. Social media management: Sprout Social
  7. Etsy site: Marble & Milkweed on Esty
  8. Blog post resource: 6 Keys to Going Big in Business Without Growing Big in Business
  9. Marble & Milkweed best seller: 6 Cardamon Butter

Connect with Briar and Marble & Milkweed

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