Maker Mastermind Show: Episode 5: Shabby Chick Cleaners

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Maker Mastermind Show. If you missed previous episodes, you can binge watch them here. Be sure to join the free Maker Mastermind group on Facebook so you can join us live for the next show, and be entered to win prizes and/or get discount codes on the artisan made products you love. In this episode, I and my co-host, Christine Laureano, interview Amber Malcom of Shabby Chick Cleaners in Duncan, Oklahoma. Watch as Amber shares her best business tips, and of course, answers the question: when did you STOP MAKING STUFF AND START MAKING MONEY?

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Amber Malcom, of Shabby Chick Cleaners

Episode Show Notes

Here are the topics discussed in this episode, with time stamps to help you scroll directly to the content that most interests you:

  1. Introduction and welcome viewers (starting at 1:12)
  2. When did Amber STOP MAKING STUFF and START MAKING MONEY? (starting at 5:35)
  3. How Shabby Chick Cleaners became cash flow positive with “one little business loan” (starting at 7:23)
  4. How Amber is chipping away at the established cleaning product market by doing shows, physically demonstrating her product's effectiveness (cleaning nail polish off carpet, getting spray paint off granite, etc.), and “just getting out there.” (starting at 8:28)
  5. The power of Facebook videos (starting at 9:50)
  6. How Amber is using the Blue Ocean Strategy to grow her business (starting at 10:17)
  7. Why everyone loves her “shabby chick” branding … “It's a hot mess,” says Amber, and she makes cleaning fun and personal. (starting at 11:00)
  8. How Amber leverages the business resources, including a loan and an incubator, in her local community. (starting at 12:39)
  9. How Amber found and started using physical manufacturing space through an incubator. (starting at 15:45)
  10. How having a narrowly tailored product line works for Shabby Chick Cleaners (starting at 17:48)
  11. The power of video (starting at 19:19)
  12. How Amber used shows to narrow down her product line, and how selling bug spray and lotion bars as “ancillary products” help her make her numbers (starting at 21:37)
  13. How Amber used shows to narrow down her product line (starting at 21:37)
  14. How Amber used shows to narrow down her product line (starting at 21:37)
  15. Shark Tank, A&E Television and HSN (starting at 24:29)
  16. Packaging changes (starting at 28:00)
  17. Changing the Shabby Chick income base from retail to wholesale (starting at 28:46)
  18. Integrating parenting and entrepreneurship (starting at 29:09)
  19. Shark Tank, A&E Television and how Amber landed on the Home Shopping Network home shopping show (starting at 30:10)
  20. What's coming up next for Shabby Chick Cleaners (starting at 33:36)
  21. Words of encouragement from Amber (starting at 34:35)
  22. The power of focus (starting at 36:42)
  23. The power of focus (starting at 36:42)
  24. Tasting the product (starting at 38:40)

Day 2 @ HSN!!! Having too much fun!!!

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Explore Additional Resources

In this episode we mentioned these resources:

Amber's website: Shabby Chick Cleaners
Entrepreneurial mentoring: Score Association
Duncan (Oklahoma) Area Economic Development Foundation
Job and business training: Red River Technology Center
Entrepreneurial pitch reality TV show: Shark Tank
Investor's reality TV show: West Texas Investor's Show
Home shopping show: HSN
Entrepreneurial training and networking for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs: Indie Business Network (join here)

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Join the Conversation

My favorite part of hosting the Maker Mastermind Show is engaging in the business building and thought provoking conversations that result. After each show, I ask one question. This week, it is:

Questions: Can you relate to Amber's discussion on the power of showing up? Amber has been every.where for her brand: trade shows, retail shows, reality TV shows, farmer's markets, local incubators, community colleges, the local museum and more. You name it, she's been there. She is focused and she shows up. What tips and experiences in this regard? I invite you to share your comments and thoughts below.

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