Maker Stories: Episode 58: Lisa Wynne Salvatore of Purely Lisa [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 58 of the Indie Business Podcast! Today's Maker Story introduces you to Lisa Wynne Salvatore of Purely Lisa in Greenwich, Connecticut. Lisa has 9 certifications in the natural arts arena, and her Connecticut-based offices provide in-person services to help women achieve and maintain health from the inside out. Lisa's product business is a natural deodorant, which as you'll hear, has been certified by the Clemson University Organic Certification Program.

You'll learn all about that and more in this episode, which is also filled with Lisa's tips to help you be more successful on your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy my interview with Lisa NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

Here are the topics discussed in this episode, with time stamps to help you find the information that most interests you:

  1. Lisa shares her love for all things natural, starting at the age of 16 with influence from her runway model mother, and how she combined it all into a business. (starting at 2:33)
  2. How and why Lisa formed her business, and why she focuses exclusively on one single product, Pure Pitz. (starting at 8:33)
  3. How Lisa is evolving from wholesale only to adding more retail and direct to consumer sales via her website and social media, and video in particular. (starting at 16:18)
  4. How a “trial and error” approach has worked for Lisa over the years. (starting at 21:01)
  5. A bit about the organic certification process through the Clemson University Organic Certification Program (not the USDA), and the difference between the USDA certification and the one Pure Pitz has from Clemson University. (starting at 22:08)
  6. Lisa's first steps to take when mapping out your product line. (starting at 29:41)
  7. Lisa discusses whether to invest resources to associate your products with some kind of certification. (starting at 30:16)
  8. More discussion of the benefits of selling direct to consumers, and how Lisa is using video and humor to reach people on a personal level about body odor … a very personal matter. (starting at 31:12)
  9. The importance of multiple income streams, and what Lisa's are. (starting at 35:40)
  10. Lisa's advice for new entrepreneurs, and her words of encouragement for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. (starting at 38:01)
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Lisa Wynne Salvatore, Purely Lisa

pure pitz deodorant from purely lisa

Episode 57: Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources, or, in the case of many of the certifications, Lisa provided links after the podcast was recorded, so you would have access to all of the wonderful resources Lisa has used to build out her impressive resume.

  1. Nutrition certification: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  2. Massage therapy certification: Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy
  3. Health and nutrition counseling certification: Columbia University Teachers College
  4. Fellowship: Institute for Human Individuality
  5. Book: Eat Right 4 Your Type
  6. Meditation certification: McLean Meditation Institute
  7. Aromatherapy certification: Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
  8. USDA organic certification program: USDA National Organic Certification program
  9. Organic certification program: Clemson University Organic Certification program
  10. Entrepreneurial reality show: Shark Tank
  11. Entrepreneurial news: Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods Market
  12. Lisa's deodorant: Pure Pitz
  13. Consulting with Lisa: Email Lisa at purelylisa [at]
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Lisa Wynne Salvatore, Purely Lisa

Summary of Lisa's Tips for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs

  1. Find the intersection of your passion and what resonates with your customers.

    Lisa says that there's no way to be success in anything if you are not wholly passionate about it. She has combined who she is as a person with a desire to create a product that people can purchase and use over and over again. She also has numerous manufacturing efficiencies built into her business. Find those wherever you can as well.

  2. Earn a certification that's important to your customers

    If something is important to your customers, there is probably a meaningful certification for it. Seek them out and see if one of them could complement your brand message and increase consumer trust as you market your products.

  3. Sell directly to your customers to tell your story

    While Lisa says that wholesale is a big part of her business, she is boosting her online direct to consumer sales because it's the only way she feels she can really stand out in a crowded market these days. After spending a lot of money on things like search engine optimization services, and getting practically no return, Lisa says that using video on Facebook and Instagram is one of the best ways to make trustworthy connections with her customers

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