Makers on the Move (October 2017: Episode 1)

Indie Business Network members are a living, breathing representation of what is right and good about business these days. They are authentic and transparent about what they offer. They have amazing stories. They are never shy about sharing their passion for what they do.

In a world where products (and services too!) have become commoditized and vanilla, our members offer color and texture. It brings me great pleasure to share pieces of their stories with you here at Indie Business Blog. Recently, we brought you Makers doing incredible things in California, Maryland, and Indiana. This week, we bring you a better life from Idaho, Hawaii, Maryland. See anyone you know?

Best local gift shop in Idaho

Molly Gray at Mixed Greens was voted Best Local Gift Shop in this year's Best of Boise. Her lovely story offers jewelry, bath products, home and garden decor, stationery, scarves, and more. Says Molly, “We love to hear shoppers laugh out loud at a card, exclaim ‘Wow, there's so much good stuff in here' or let us know they wouldn't mind spending all day wandering the store” reads the store website.

If you're in the area, visit the shop at 237 N 9th St., Boise, Idaho, 83702. If you cannot get to the store, you can shop online at Molly's webiste.

A transformative retreat in Hawaii

Valerie Reed of Valana Minerals, who splits her time between California and Hawaii, will host the Unapologetic Rejuvenation Retreat in Hawaii on July 7 to 14, 2018. The theme of the event is “designing a soulfully authentic life.” If you are a busy woman ready to rejuvenate, create and customize your own intentionally strategic, self-care plan amidst vibrant rain forests, stunning coastal views, then this event may be just what the doctor ordered.

Learn more about it at Valana Minerals Unapologetic Retreat, and while you're at her website, get your hands on some vegan mineral makeup too!

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Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Get to know Valerie and her Maker Story better in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast!

Maryland member serves as expert on invention reality TV show!

Recently, our Andrea Hence Evans, Esq., an intellectual property attorney in Maryland, served as an expert on the Make 48 reality inventor's competition in Kansas City, Missouri. At Make 48, teams from all ages, genders, backgrounds, and places developed their ideas in an “invent-a-thon” where they had just 48 hours to plan, prototype, and pitch an idea for prizes and licensing potential.

The fun and inspiring event was broadcast live, and will air on PBS nationwide. We know that all of the participants were encouraged by the feedback and comments they received from Andrea. Learn more about Andrea and her services at her website. Learn more about the Make 48 inventor's competition here.

Get to know Andrea and her Maker Story better in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast!

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