7 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

Hearken back to the early days at the launch of your business. Remember how excited you were? How giddy you felt? Finally, you were going to have a business of your own. You were in love with it and everything else in the world, and then BAM!! You began to get into a rut. The routine of it all started to chip away at your enthusiasm.

fall in love with your business again

Suddenly, the novelty had worn off. The love had lost it's shine. But hope is not lost! You can fall in love with your business again, and this post shows you how it can happen — starting right now!

Here are 7 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

  1. Surround yourself with supportive friends

    It's great to be alone with the one you love, but it's also fun to experience your love in a group setting where you can see your relationship through other people's eyes. Similarly, surrounding yourself with supportive entrepreneurial friends is one of the best things you can do to fall in love with your business over and over again.

  2. Take profit centered action daily

    “No romance without finance.”

    That saying, most often applied to the dating scene, is also true in business. Romance with a business that's not making money won't last, so take key actions daily to produce cash.

    Whether it's a certain number of sales calls, publishing a blog post, sending out a newsletter, or hosting a sales-focused event, take actions every day that lead directly or indirectly to money, and you'll love your business more every day too.

  3. Cut the fat

    If you're taking care of too much fluffy stuff during the day, you'll fall out of love with business fast. You'll end up exhausted by trivial stuff, leaving little energy to handle the important things. Put the big rocks in first, and deal with the pebbles if you have time.

    Taking care of the big rocks first will make your business take better care of you, and it's easier to love your business when it's also loving you.

  4. Take time off

    Even good relationships can be smothered to death. Take regular breaks from your business in order to keep your energy up. Absence makes the heart grow fonder in business too, because the time of separation allows you to return and look at things from a fresh perspective.

  5. Challenge yourself

    Set goals and milestones and track your progress toward them. Doing so will help you feel more excited to tend to your business because you are getting positive wins from doing so. Set big goals, but also small ones, so you get continual doses of positive reinforcement. You'll love your business more for giving you the opportunity to feel great about your accomplishments every single day.

  6. Try new things

    If your partner took you on the same exact date every weekend, would you become bored? Of course you would. Do new stuff in your business as often as you can. Everything does not have to be a slam dunk. Just learning something new is a victory because it makes you a better and more capable business leader. The more capable, well-rounded, and effective your business makes you, the more you will love your business for doing so.

  7. Review your scrapbook

    Take a stroll down memory lane and pat yourself on the back for the business you have created and the hurdles you have overcome. You deserve to review your achievements and remind yourself of what a great contribution you are making to the world through your business.

    Read the testimonials people have submitted. Read the handwritten notes customers have sent over the years. You'll fall in love with your business regularly if you routinely savor how good it feels to be affirmed over and over again for your business achievements.


I bet you can think of tons of other ways to fall in love with your business. Feel free to share in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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