Introducing Find Indie Makers

I am pleased to announce the launch of our newest website and member benefit! Find Indie Makers is here, and it's the best and most colorful, exciting, and reliable place on the Internet where you can discover and browse a wide variety of high-quality indie artisan products crafted by American Makers.

About Find Indie Makers

Find Indie Makers makes it easy and fun for you to discover and buy the products of American Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs.

As consumer tastes shift away from the commoditized version of life that has been pushed by big business for decades, men and women from all walks of life have been empowered to become producers, rather than just consumers.

And what they produce is easy to find, buy, and bring home using the new Find Indie Makers website!

Shoppers, find great indie brands!

Do you love discovering new indie brands, buying their amazing products to use at home, and telling your friends locally and on social media? Our new site makes it easy (and fun!) for you to find and buy the American Made artisan products that add so much value to your life.

You can purchase products for your own personal use, and since many of the brands listed sell to retailers, you can also browse for products to include in your virtual or physical retail store.

Search by state or product category at our product pagebrowse our blog, or check out our calendar.

Makers, get in on the fun!

Want more exposure for your indie brand? You can have it today, and we do all the work for you! Get a listing here without having to add, maintain, or promote it yourself by joining the Indie Business Network.

Buyers, discover new brands!

The goal of Find Indie Makers is to make it easy and fun for you to discover and buy the products of American Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs.

Like the rest of America, you are probably tired of the cookie cutter products available at big box stores, and the homogenous experience forced upon you at websites where you can buy everything, but are treated like a number.

Feedback and Share

Are you ready to browse and buy American Made? Of course you are, and you know you should not keep all the fun to yourself. Do drop a comment below, and share the good news with your friends on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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About Donna Maria Coles Johnson

Donna Maria is an author, podcaster, attorney, and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, providing affordable product liability insurance and mentoring. Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business.