Meet Indie Business Book Club Leader Amber Malcom

I am pleased to introduce the Indie Business Book Club leader for the May-June 2019 Indie Business Book Club pick: Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, by Donald Miller. You can read more about this book and how the book club works at this link.

Amber is the founder and CEO of Shabby Chick Cleaners in Duncan, Oklahoma. Under Amber's leadership, Shabby Chick has grown from a tiny kitchen operation to a brand that has earned local and national entrepreneurial accolades.

Earlier this year, Shabby Chick was awarded the Small Business Administration Oklahoma Success Award. Shabby Chick products have been featured and sold on Home Shopping Network and, until recently were sold in stores nationwide, on Amazon, and in a small retail area in Shabby Chick's Duncan manufacturing facility.

After her biggest and most successful year in business in 2018, Amber decided it was not making her happy. While she loved making money selling her products to retail stores nationwide, the retail store barrier between her and her customers was preventing Amber from doing what she loved most: getting to know her customers personally. After deciding to make a change, Amber shut Shabby Chick down so she could transform it into something she could personally love.

Today, while you can (for now) still find Shabby Chick products on Amazon and at the Shabby Chick website, Amber has traded in the wholesale business model for a consultant model, which allows her to be up close and personal with the people who love brand.

Amber's new business model will allow you to purchase products directly from Shabby Chick trained consultants, whom Amber has lovingly dubbed “cleaning coaches.” You can even start your own Shabby Chick cleaning coach business and sell Amber's products in a business of your own!

Amber is the perfect person to lead a discussion about crafting and sharing your brand story. After all, she didn't like how hers was going, so she changed it.

Today, she is poised now only for more business growth, but also to enjoy her life more. What a powerful example of building a business around what you want your life to look like, which many of you know is Step One of the Indie Method.

We start reading StoryBrand in the Maker Mastermind Facebook community on Monday, May 6. Join us!

Buy Building a StoryBrand

Buy Building a StoryBrand.

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Are you ready to read with Amber and get to know her personally? You can learn a lot from her. She is the perfect person to lead the reading of a book about crafting your brand story. I hope to see you there, and I hope you'll tell your friends on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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