Giving Tuesday with Soude Haiti

Several months ago, I announced the Indie Business Network's collaboration with Soude Haiti, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping the people of Haiti build self-sustaining businesses and become more economically empowered. In Episode 49 of the Indie Business Podcast, I introduced you to Soude Haiti co-founder Ronda Porter-Altema who shared how Soude Haiti supports self sustainability and economic development in three main areas: soap and product making, horticulture, and sewing.

Today, I'm pleased to share that our collaboration continues through the global movement of Giving Tuesday, and it includes an invitation to you to join us in raising money on Giving Tuesday, 2017 to help Soude Haiti empower the people of Haiti. If you already know you want to participate, scroll down to the section about How to Participate, and follow those! If you want to learn more first, here's a little bit about Soude Haiti.

About Soude Haiti

Soude is A Haitian Creole word meaning “to link together.” In combination then, Soude Haiti stands for linking together the people of Haiti, and inspiring and empowering them to become self-sufficient through education.

Soude Haiti and IBN are complementary organizations in many ways, especially when it comes to economic empowerment. The long-standing mission of IBN is to empower women to maximize their potential through entrepreneurship. We do this through virtual and physical business training events and benefits that are conducted within a supportive community of Makers who want each other to succeed as much as they want to succeed themseles.

Both organizations exist with the singular focus of mentoring and empowering others to create their own success, thus making our Giving Tuesday collaboration even more powerful.

Soude Haiti at Work

Here are some pictures of Soude Haiti at work.

This one is Soude Haiti co-founder MackLey Altema, a native Haitian (also Ronda's husband), by the nursery cultivating papaya and mango plants in the garden created as a direct result of donations from people like you.

This picture is of Ronda after a two-hour hike up the side of a mountain to one of the two pieces of land that contain gardens papaya and mango trees.

Here are two of Ronda's and MackLey's daughters helping to water the papaya plants.

A Successful 2017

Here are a few of the accomplishments of Soude Haiti this year.

  1. They opened their first medical clinic, and served over 700 people in three days
  2. Collected over $400 in medical donations specifically for the clinic
  3. Collected over $500 worth of produce seeds that were passed out to the community members
  4. Purchased more land to start construction of the first permanent medical building in the community
  5. Planed over 1,000 baby papaya and mango trees in the nursery
  6. Purchased a water pump for us during the 2018 planting season
  7. Began partnering with a major Haitian grocery story chain to sell the produce they grow
In 2017, @soudehaiti opened its first medical clinic and provided medical services to over 700 people in three days.Click To Tweet

Ronda Porter-Altema, Soude Haiti

Planning for 2018

Here are some of the things you can help Soude Haiti accomplish in 2018.

  1. The next medical clinic will May 2018
  2. Ground will break on a new community center where they will start working on a seed bank
  3. The soccer clinic will launch in May
  4. The community sewing project will begin, including purchase of sewing machines and fabric
  5. Volunteer housing will be completed so you can go to Haiti and help in person!

How to Participate in Giving Tuesday with Soude Haiti

Participating in Giving Tuesday with Soude Haiti is super easy! Here's how:

  1. Email ronda [at] soudehaiti [dot] org to express your interest and share what percentage of your Giving Tuesday sales you will donate to Soude Haiti, or you can simply pledge a fixed amount
  2. We will make a graphic (similar to the one above) that includes your logo so you can use it on social media to tell your fans and followers about how they can work with you to help the people of Haiti
  3. On Tuesday, November 28, we will all share together at 10am ET using the #givingtuesday and #soudehaiti
  4. On Wednesday, November 29, email Soude Haiti at ronda [at] soudehaiti [dot] org with information about your donation amount and they will send you a link to make your donation

Easy peazy! Such a sun and simple way to engage your followers in a good cause to help others during the holiday season, and help Soude Haiti help the people of Haiti at the same time.

The Indie Business Network is donating a portion of sales from membership dues of every new member who joins IBN on Tuesday, November 28.

And remember, you don't have to wait until Giving Tuesday to support Soude Haiti's important work.

You can give right now at Soude Haiti's website.

Meet the Soude Haiti Founeers on Indie Cruise!

If you'll be with me and The Storytellers on Indie Cruise 2018, you'll enjoy meeting, learning from, and networking with Soude Haiti's founders, as they are joining us! You can register for Indie Cruise here.

Learn more about Soude Haiti in my podcast episode featuring co-founder Ronda Porter-Altema.

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