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From time to time, I receive inquiries from Indie Business Network members who want to sell their business for one reason or another. I am not always in a position to share the opportunity publicly because not everyone wants their friends and fans to know that their business is for sale. Today, I am able to share that a three-year old handmade business is for sale: Simple Nature.

simple nature for sale
The founder and owner, Bianca Pratt (pictured above with some of her product images) has done a fantastic job of building a lovely brand with an established following on the retail and wholesale fronts. I asked Bianca to share a bit about why she is selling Simple Nature, and why it's such an attractive purchase for anyone who wants their own handmade beauty business, but does not want to have to start it from scratch. Here is some of what she shared with me.

dM: Why is your handmade business for sale?


Long story short, I need to invest more time with in family. Here's the longer version.

We used to have our products manufactured but quickly found out that we were not working with the best company because they had very high minimums for each product they made for us. Eventually, I became fed up with the contract manufacturing process. Since I had formulated the products before we contracted out the manufacturing, and they were being made based on my formulas, I decided to go back to manufacturing the products myself so I could produce a better quality product.

Soon after that decision, my priorities quickly changed as I needed to care for my daughter and elderly parents who are not in good health. I am also a wife, and I'm pretty much running the business myself. It has been so overwhelming that I ultimately decided that selling was the best decision for me and for the business.

dM: What do people love about your product line?


People with all types of skin and skin conditions love our product. People like the fragrance free products as is, or they add their own essential oils so they can smell just like they want them to. People also love that the products are as natural as they can be, and that the lotions are not greasy and absorb quickly.

People love our “2-in-1” shampoo and body wash for convenience. We recently added a conditioner since we've had so many people requesting one.

simple nature logo

dM: What systems do you have in place to help a buyer ease into owning and managing the business?


Everything is done for the new buyer.

All formulas are available in clear easy to understand language. The graphic design and new branding materials are all completed so the products can now command a higher profit margin.

Marketing collateral includes designs for business cards, letterhead paper, brochures, sales sheets, postcards and shelf talkers.

SIMPLE NATURE is a registered trademark.

The website was professionally designed and includes high resolution images, product descriptions, on 3Dcart e-commerce set up. It's easy to make any minor changes for the new owner.

dM: Tell me about the trade show banner package that's included with the business?


We are including a Display Star trade show banner package package: Fabric backdrop with aluminum stand, super comfy faux wood flooring panels for a 10×10 booth with hard case for easy transport and storage, banner case on wheels with 2 LED lights, and a case to tower table with co-coordinating graphics

The buyer will also receive just under 20,000 custom bottles and beautifully colored caps to match with labels/branding in both the yellow and turquoise colors, plus numerous jars, and bottles with treatment pumps in different sizes for full size, travel and samples. There's so much more!

My goal is to help a new buyer walk into the business with ease.

dM: What social media properties do you have in place?


Pinterest (20 boards with 2,307 pins and 480 followers)
Twitter (1,998 followers)
Facebook (3,593 fans)

So there you have it! A fabulous new opportunity for the right person. Bianca has done a fabulous job of branding her company, don't you think? The colors are gorgeous and unique, the product photos are pop off the page, and the logo is a beautiful representation of the natural nature of the Simple Nature line.

If you or someone you know might be interested getting in touch with Bianca about this opportunity, please contact Bianca through her Facebook page or via email at atobproducts at gmail.com or call/text 615-944-4153.

Please do not contact Simple Nature unless you are genuinely interested in buying and managing a handmade beauty business. Seriously interested buyers only please.

Best and Success!


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