Handmade Entrepreneurs Making It Happen at Maryland’s Boonsboro Green Fest

One of the most rewarding things about leading the Indie Business Network is serving handmade entrepreneurs who know how to support and encourage each other's dreams. It melted my heart when I received emails over the weekend from some of our members who sold their handmade products at the 6th Annual Boonsboro Green Fest in Maryland. Isn't this a happy picture?


Jodie O'Berry of Jodi's Soap Box in Kearneysville, West Virginia is flanked on either side by Shelby and Jason Scarlatta of Whiskey Bottom Candle Company in Frederick, Maryland.

Another of our members, Kimberly Winters of Creekside Candle Company in Bedington, West Virginia, was at the Green Fest as well. Here is a picture of the beautiful booth where she sold her handmade candles.


Is there anything better than local business owners coming together in community to do business and have fun together? What Jodi, Shelby and Jason did at the Green Fest is a representation of what is happening all over this country.

Have you noticed? We are in the midst of an economic shift that is resulting in more and more people appreciating and purchasing products that are made by hand by people you can actually talk to, meet with, and trust. It is an exciting time to be a handmade entrepreneur!

Carry on Makers. Every single one of you is a star.

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What are your favorite “don't miss” spring and summer festivals in your area?


Boonsboro Green Fest: website, Facebook, and Twitter

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Whiskey Bottom Candle Company: website and Facebook

Read more about Whiskey Bottom Candle Company and watch their inspiring video!

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