[Video] Product Review: Handmade Body Balm from By Nieves in Petrolia, California

Here is one of the most buttery things ever. It's an handmade body balm from our member, Nieves Rathbun, of By Nieves in Petrolia, California. I love many things about this handmade body balm, most especially how it feels when it's rubbed into the skin. It also smells to die for. Watch the video to learn more.

I put some on my daughter's thick, red hair, which tends to be quite dry. Not only did we swoon over the subtle perfume, but her hair took on a beautiful shine and made it easier to brush out. Believe it or not, we even used it to oil my daughter's equestrian boots, and then buffed them to a high shine. (I know it seems wasteful, but Nieves may be happy since we'll use her product up more quickly, and then buy some more.) By Nieves handmade body balm contains organic coconut oil, soy wax, organic sesame oil and essential oils of ylang ylang (my favorite), orange, cedar, and lavender. Heaven.

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