Help! I Need A Blog, But Don’t Know What To Blog About!!

5 No-Fail, Stop-Making-Excuses Things To Blog About

I enjoyed a meeting today with some friends who have a great online business idea. I am looking forward to their launch next year, but for now, it's a secret so I cannot disclose the details. But I can share that, while they have a powerful partnership and business plan, they are not yet up to speed on how technology can help them maximize their partnership and execute their plan. They asked me to share some of my tips and secrets with them over coffee.

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Since they are new to all of this, I did not want to overwhelm them with too many bells and whistles so I was careful to start with the basics. And the basics is this: a blog. Even if you just decided to start a business this morning, the first thing you can do to maximize its chances of success is to launch your blog. It doens't matter what business you have, a blog will be an integral part of it. Go to Blogger or WordPress (I recommend WordPress over Blogger, but that's another story.) You can make it fancy later. You don't have to tell anyone about it at first. In fact, if you don't tell anyone, it won't matter because no one is going to come at first anyway — so don't even bother making it fancy yet?!! Just get started.

Don't know what to blog about? Yes, I once had that problem. For those of you who know that a blog would be a great complement to your business, but are letting the fact that you cannot think of anything to blog about keep you from blogging, here are 5 days worth of blog posts to get you started.

1. Go to YouTube and find any short video that you like.

Pick something that somehow relates to something you care deeply about or which has something to do with your business or the one you plan to launch. Copy the code, paste it into your blog and write 5 sentences about why you like the video.

Here is an example of this at this blog.

2. Go to someone else's blog and identify a post that interests you.

Make it easy on yourself and choose one of mine from a Category the resonates with you. My blog Categories are listed in the top right of this page in the dropdown. Pick a category and a topic, and then go to your blog and write a few sentences about why you like (or don't like) the post. Link to it. Then send the blogger an email letting him or her know that you are a new blogger and that you linked to their post and shared it at your blog. In return, you will probably get thanks, kudos and encouragement.

Here is an example of this at this blog.

3. Take a picture of something interesting on a Wednesday.

Post it at your blog as a quote or a Wordless Wednesday post.

Here is an example of this at this blog.

4. Bake some cookies (or whatever), take a picture of the cookies.

Post the cookie photo and the recipe at your blog. Share what you liked about the recipe (easy, fun, fast clean-up, etc.) and the cookies (delicious, creamy, rich, etc.)

Here is an example of this at this blog.

(Seriously, if you cannot do this one, I cannot help you.)

5. Post a link to a newspaper article or radio show that you found interesting or educational, and which sparks an emotional reaction in you.

Share what you liked or did or did not like about the article, and whether or not you agreed with anything in it (and why).

Here is an example of this at this blog.

No Excuse Not to Blog!

Now, you don't have an excuse not to have at least 5 blog posts at your blog by the middle of next week.

These blog posts are not much to write home about. They may not even be the types of things you want to blog about. But they will get you started. And once you get started, you'll begin to find your voice, your own unique style.

But first, you have to stop saying that you cannot think of anything to blog about and just get started.

Question: Are you up to the challenge? What will you blog about this week?

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