Video: How To Hire A Social Media Manager For Your Business

The question of how to hire someone to help with social media marketing comes up a lot in the Indie Business Network's Secret Facebook Group. In this quick video, I share some basic but critical thoughts on how you should approach this issue.

Many people make the big mistake of looking for someone who is good at doing social media when they look to hire a social media manager. You'll be surprised in this video to discover that that approach is probably not the best one to take. If you're looking to hire someone to help you with your social media outreach, you don't want to miss understanding that social media boils down to these three things:

  1. Having a product or service that people want to buy.
  2. Having a message that attracts people to that product or service.
  3. The means, the ability and the desire to use social media to get your message out.

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In the video, I explain each principle in more detail and give you simple, easy-to-follow action items to take conrol of your social media outreach so you can more effectively delegate it to someone else.

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1. Who helps you with your social media? How are things working out?

2. What tips can you share for others looking to hire a social media assistant?

3. What questions do you have?

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