How To Blog For College Admissions Success

It's graduation season and last week, I shared my strong opinion that no high schooler should graduate without having at least one website that promotes his or her professional and career aspirations. I recently chatted about this with Phillip Davis, my daughter's godfather. Phillip is an 11th grade honor student who is starting the college application process. I recommended to Phillip that he launch a blog to support his college application activities. Here's some of what I told him.

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Sometimes, the difference between getting noticed and being overlooked is as simple as showcasing your talents, gifts and intellectual aptitude in ways that show that you can use technology to accomplish specific goals. This is vital information for all aspiring college students, so please pass it along to every high school student you know!

Links mentioned in this video:

GoDaddy: for website domain and hosting services

WordPress: the blog publishing platform I use and highly recommend (I actually forgot to mention this in the video, but I meant to!)

Question: What do you think of this advice? Can you think of some college-bound high school students who could benefit from using a blog to support their college application process?

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