How To: Use Social Media As a Personal Development Tool

Social medias tools are useful for different people for different reasons. For many, their sole purpose is connecting and sharing photos with family members. But for small business owners, social media tools are important lifelines.


Without social media like Twitter, FaceBook, and our blogs, we'd have to work very differently to stay connected to the people who like our products and services. In addition to being useful business tools, social media can also be used to shape and refine who we are as human beings and business leaders. Here are some specific ways to use social media as a personal development tool.

  1. Share your accomplishments. When you share your activities, accomplishments, and the lessons you learn as a business owner, not only are you inspiring others, you are also creating opportunities for others to celebrate with you. This feeds our human need to be acknowledged and celebrated. One achievement leads to the next. Once celebration leads to another. You become stronger, more focused, and as a result, you achieve more.
  2. Iron sharpens iron. To sharpen iron, you must rub it against another piece of iron. The strength of the two metals rubbing against one another, each seeking to assert its strength, keeps both tools sharp. It’s the same with relationships, even in the virtual realm. Put a weak person with a strong person and both generally become weaker in the long run. Put two strong people together and look for something exciting and important to happen. As you become stronger, you will naturally want to follow more strong people. Allow them to sharpen you and, in return, sharpen them. You'll enjoy this process, and, at the end of the day, you'll achieve more.
  3. Stretch yourself as a leader. Developing a community on FaceBook, for example, allows you to stretch yourself as a leader, creating not only profit, but also energy and opportunity. As your sphere of influence grows, your credibility grows. People begin to respect your opinion more, and they look to you for suggestions and feedback. Over time, your confidence level increases, both personally and professionally. You'll find yourself trying new things, taking more focused risk and stretching yourself as a leader. The more you do this, the more successful you and your business will become.
  4. Strengthen relationships. It has been said that we become most like the 5 people we hang out with the most. Connecting with proactive business persons, physically and virtually, strengthens positive relationships and creates opportunities to accomplish more.

    Also known as “MasterMinding,” this occurs when two or more focused people get together, creating a “master mind” in the room with them. Collectively, they brainstorm new ideas and strategies so everyone accomplishes more. After a MasterMind session with my husband or my MasterMind business partners, I turn to social media to encourage and celebrate their plans and victories. This strengthens those relationships. Their achievements begin to positively impact me on a deeply personal level. When I celebrate their accomplishments, I pave the way for more of my own.

  5. Achieve More. I believe I am a more positive and accomplished person today because I have allowed social media to help me tackle the unknown, overcome my fear of technology, and personally and positively influence the lives of others. I have achieved more, and helped others achieve more as well. As I see my work enhance the lives of other people, I continuously pursue my goals with greater tenacity.

Social media outlets help me fulfill my mission in life, and that makes me a better person. I really like that.

Question: Do you agree that social media are personal development tools? If so, how has this been true for you?

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