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As online entrepreneur for the past 11 years, I've learned a thing or two about how to get the support I need to be successful, while also having fun. No matter what kind of business you have, if you're not a part of a few communities where you can form mutually beneficial relationships people who have interests and skills that complement yours, you are not positioning yourself to maximize your success.

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That's why I formed the Local Groups at Indie Social — so you can learn, share and form local alliances that will help your business grow. Led by my IBN members across the nation, our Local Groups are paving the way for you to help others be successful as you also pursue your goals. Here are some of the most active Indie communities you may wish to consider joining:

  1. Portland. Our Portland Group is led by Grace Antares of Pure Bliss Essentials. Grace is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative, Supervisory Principal for a national independent investment advisory firm. She specializes in helping women position themselves for financial success both personally and in business. Grace maintains two offices in the Portland area, and is poised to empower your business financially.

    Grace is hosting the first Portland Indie Meetup on September 24. She'll share her best tips for putting your small business on solid financial footing, and I'll deliver a presentation via Skype to help you use an email newsletter to boost your 2011 holiday sales!

    Join the Portland Group today!

  2. Boston. Many of you know Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Company because I blogged about what a super job she did representing her company (and small businesses in general) at the cosmetics legislative hearings held last week at the Boston State House.

    This summer, Susan hosted the first Boston meetup (FaceBook Album), which featured speakers to help you get your products into retail stores, set your business on sound financial footing and learn a bit about using video to promote your products. More to come!

    Join the Boston Group today!

  3. New York City. Last weekend, Melissa Rivera of Naturally Good Soap, IBN's Local Director in New York City, hosted a fun event to connect people in her area. I gave a presentation via Skype on how to connect effectively with beauty bloggers, and Melissa coordinated lots of fun, food and a field trip to IBN member Scrubz Body retail store in Bethpage. As I met with everyone by Skype, I could see they were having so much fun. Technology is a great connector, but I was sad to hit the “stop video” button, knowing that the fun only got better after I left.

    Melissa is already planning another event, this time with IBN's Northern New Jersey Director, on October 9, at the Sugarloarf Festival in Warwick/Orange County NY. In addition to dinner and small business uplift and inspiration, you'll also enjoy strolling the 39th Annual Sugarloaf Fall Festival with like-minded local business owners.

    Can it get any better than that? Melissa is hosting this event in conjunction with IBN's Northern New Jersey Director, who is not letting any grass grow under her feet either. (Read below to see what she has planned!)

    Join the New York City Group today!

  4. Northern New Jersey. Handmade Soap Coach, La Shonda Tyree, who is hosting the 3-Day Beauty Blast Intensive later this month, is planning with Melissa a December trip to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show with other local Indies. La Shonda has attended the show before and she tells me it's super fun. The show staff likes to see other small business owners, and when they come as a group, they often arrange to seat them together in a special area and sometimes even announce their group presence during the show. I can't say whether any of that will happen this time around, but if it does, don't you want to be there?!

    Tickets are free, but La Shonda needs a head count to secure the space and nail down a date. Learn more about the planned Martha Stewart taping event here.

    Join the Northern New Jersey Group today!

You can also connect in these cities:

Kansas City
Los Angeles
State College, PA
Washington, DC

More groups are coming soon. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun!

Question: How do you get the support (and fun!) you need to achieve your small business goals?

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