IBN Members at Atlanta’s America’s Mart

I love telling you about the amazing things our members do, and how dedicated they are to serving their customers. Today, I want to introduce you quickly to Maggie Hanus of A Wild Soap Bar outside Austin, Texas, and Caitlin Abshier of Revive Bath + Body in Atlanta. Here they are today at Atlanta's America's Mart, the largest permanent wholesale marketplace of its kind.

According to its website, America's Mart is a 7.7 million-square-foot facility that attracts 548,000 attendees to its 15 annual markets. With a product mix of gift, home furnishings, area rug landscape, fashion, apparel, and accessories, America's Mart is a poplar destination for retailers from around the world.

Here is Maggie's booth for A Wild Soap Bar, where people go to “take a wash on the wild side.”

It's very inviting and natural looking with a splash of color at the top from her logs of handmade soap. I love how there is room for buyers to browse. They can get a good idea of the product line without being overwhelmed. It's very inviting.

If you're at America's mart this weekend, you can visit A Wild Soap Bar at Bldg 3, Floor 3, Corner Booth No. 2613. Visit Revive Bath + Body at Roadrunners Showroom, Bldg. 2, Floor 15, Booth No. 1500.


Isn't Maggie's booth beautiful? Have you ever been to America's Mart? Have you ever sold your products there? What did you think? If you are inspired by the information here, feel free to share in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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