Recap: #IndieCruise Day 1: Cocktail Party and Refresh

It's Monday, and I am here at #IndieCruise 2017, in lovely Punta Cana, with 38 other entrepreneurs for my annual Mastermind retreat. Our theme for this year is Refresh | Refine | Results, and you can read more about it here. Today was our arrival day, so we had a lovely dinner where we re-connected with old friends and met some new ones. We also had fun beginning the “refresh” process by refreshing ourselves at a lovely cocktail party on the beach.

Our Cocktail Party

We opened the event with an ocean front cocktail party with wonderful open bar and gift exchange. Pictured below, left to right in the front row are: Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. of Evans IP Law (one of our speakers this year), Dawn Fitch (floral print) of Pooka Pure and Simple, La Shonda Tyree of Handmade Soap Coach (another speaker), Nikie Wishnow or Rock the Bath Bar, Corin Wright of Style Haven, and the two ladies in the back are Kathy Wright (Corin's mom) and IBN's amazing Head Coach, Christine Laureano of Ba6 Marketing and Ba6 Botanicals (another speaker).

Here's another shot, in front of the bar. Pictured below, left to right in the front row, Deb Jasien of Fields of Ambrosia (one of our speakers this year), IBN's Head Coach, Christine Laureano of Ba6 Marketing and Ba6 Botanicals, Kim Jones of Urban Trqnquility (a speaker and our yoga teacher), Kyra Jones (Kim's sister), your humble host (me), and Christy Rose of KB Shimmer.

Stay Tuned for More!!

Tomorrow will be our first full “refresh” day, so stay tuned for the fun from the Club Med Resort in Punta Cana!


Have you ever been to Punta Cana? My gosh, it's beautiful and I want to return! How about you? Feel free to share the fun on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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