I'll be Tweeting and FaceBooking Indie Beauty Network Cyber Monday deals tomorrow!

I am fresh back from a fun Thanksgiving celebration! I hope you and your friends and family had half the fun I did. Dinner on Thursday was amazing. (If you missed my Tweet of the spread, you can catch it here.) Even better, we took off longer than usual so we got in lots of relaxation and going over the river and through the wood to visit more people than we usually do when we go home (Washington, DC for those who don't know).

Cyber Monday

As you know, I”m the founder and CEO of the Indie Beauty Network, and my members have been working hard this season to create amazing handmade soaps, candles, artisan perfumes, aromatherapy products, and jewelery to make your online holiday shopping a breeze. I am so pleased with their success and I love supporting them, so in their honor, I am reserving most of my Tweets tomorrow to share the amazing Cyber Monday deals they have planned for you.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and join me on FaceBook to catch some wonderful products at great prices, made by hand, right here in America. I can't wait to share all their super stuff with you.

Happy Holidays!!

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