Indie Business Launchpad: PRIIA Cosmetics

When Kelley Maddison first called me about a year ago, I was ecstatic. At the time, she had just joined the Indie Beauty Network as an Apprentice Member so she could take advantage of the startup support and coaching services I offer. Kelley came to me and IBN at a time when the recession was real, but the nation's economic leaders were still trying not to make it official. Kelley had no illusions.


She knew the challenges of starting a business and she wrestled with
everything from the timing of her launch to the possible effect it might have on her
family. After some frank exchanges during which we shared our
hopes, fears and passions as moms, Kelley assessed her personal situation and decided to go
for it. The results this wife and mother of a 7-year old daughter has achieved are phenomenal, and I am so excited to share that Kelley launched her website early this afternoon, and just a few hours later, celebrated her very first online order. Here is some of her story.

dM: What is the inspiration for PRIIA?

Kelley: The inspiration for PRIIA came from a need. As a professionally trained aesthetician, I specialize in the treatment of problematic skin types, and the makeup I was offering to them didn

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