Your true "net worth"

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A prominent headline in today's Wall Street Journal sports the potentially utterly depressing news that Americans' net worth fell 18% in 2008. I say that this news is potentially depressing because it's only a downer if you allow it to be.

Consider the meaning of the term "net worth." Clearly, the Wall Street Journal article measures it according to dollars and cents. While cash is no doubt important, it really has little to do with your overall net worth. Who in your family defines you according to how much money you have in the bank? Who among your lifelong friends considers you less valuable because the market value of your home is less this year than it was last year. If you can actually put anyone on either of those lists, you know what to do — remove them from your inner circle.

You see, our net worth has nothing to do with how many bucks we have in the bank, and everything to do with how we use the talents and gifts our Creator has given us to serve others and create the best and most enjoyable lifestyle we can for ourselves, our family members and friends. So don't take the traditional meaning of "net worth" to heart.

Your true value lies in the zest with which you live your life to its fullest potential, using the resources at your disposal. That's what net worth is all about, and it far exceeds mere numbers reflected on a few pieces of paper.

Question: How does your perception of your true "net worth" change the way you approach your everyday Indie Business activities?

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