#IndieCruise 2014 Topic: Leadership as a 21st Century Creative Entrepreneur

In this post, I announced another topic on #IndieCruise 2014: Beyond Profit: Using Your Life and Your Business to Make a Dent in the Universe. Before that, I announced How To Add Membership and Subscription Programs To Your Business. Today, I'm excited to announce that Indie Business Network member Dawn Fitch will join me as a speaker on the topic of Leadership as a 21st Century Creative Entrepreneur.

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This topic is especially fitting for our unplugged trip to Labadee, Haiti, Grand Cayman and Jamaica, and our theme: No More Beauty Business As Usual. These days, the products and services you offer are a baseline minimum. In order to make your business profitable (and increasingly more fun) over the long term, you need more than good products. You need to develop and hone your leadership skills, and Dawn Fitch is the perfect mentor. Here's more about Dawn and this important topic.

Leadership as a 21st Century Creative Entrepreneur

Not too long after your business starts, you'll discover that it's not about your products. Oh yes, they have to be good, very good in fact. But that's not enough. In order to own a successful business, you have to overcome what's holding you back from stepping into leadership so you can shepherd yourself (first) and your company (second) to greater heights.

Old ways of doing business as an artist are not working anymore. You are an artist, yes, and you care more about your creations than you do about money. But that doesn't mean you have to charge less for your products. You don't have to skimp on yourself to help others! You can share your talent wit the world without losing your soul — and you can make a good living while you're at it.

Are you getting me here? Anyone can make nice products. Anyone can *start* a business. But not everyone can manage a business, and lead on that continues to grow and achieve through the years. If you want to be one of those people, you need to register for one of the few slots left on #IndieCruise 2014 so you can hear from Dawn in an intimate setting and me mentored by her in between margaritas and pedicures.

What you'll learn:

– How to adopt a mindset that embraces your life as an creative person *and* as an entrepreneur

– How to create a brand that allows you to hone your leadership skills as you run your business

– How to leverage the skills you have today to create a platform for future opportunities for you and your business

– How to use your business to serve as a leader in your local community

– How to step up to opportunity, even when you are terrified (and *tired*) so you can put your business to work for you first and also for your customers

Dawn will also answer your questions after her presentation, as well as while you swim, spa and snorkel with us on board a luxury cruise ship and in Labadee, Haiti, Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

More About Dawn

Dawn is the founder and president of Pooka Pure and Simple in Orange, New Jersey, where she and her team create products that are “good for your skin to eat.” The company has grown from Dawn making products on her stove in her apartment to a warehouse in East Orange, NJ. The Pooka Boutique is open 7 days a week, and Dawn is about to open a second store in the newly revitalized “Halsey Street” district in Newark.

Dawn's products are sold in 35 Whole Food supermarkets, online and through various distributors. Pooka has been featured on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Network Journal, Michael Baisden Radio and various media outlets, and Dawn is a highly sought after speaker at entrepreneurial events. The Urban League awarded Dawn the Influencer Award for Entrepreneurship, and she was awarded the Black Executive Award by the African American Chambers of Commerce. Under Dawn's leadership, Whole Foods Markets has formally recognized the brand as one of its Local Hero.

Visit Dawn website and check out her fun Facebook community!


If you have any questions before registering, call Suzanne at 770-952-8300.

Our other speaker topics will be announced later this week.

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

1. Does your business collaborate or partner with charitable causes that you and your customers care about?

2. Have you considered starting a non-profit of any kind, with you as the leader?

3. What opportunities do you see to use your business to financially empower charities?
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