#IndieCruise MasterMind 2012 Theme: Create The Life You Love

Iam thrilled to unveil some of details of the upcoming #IndieCruise MasterMind 2012, the premier event for handmade, independent entrepreneurs. We set sail on February 25, 2011 for a 5-Night cruise from Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, then to the island of Grand Cayman. In between powerful MasterMind sessions, we'll be pampered at the spa and enjoying each other's company as we learn, share, and grow together.

#IndieCruise is a life-changing event like no other, where we pause and unplug from the hustle and bustle of life to focus wholly on our highest goals and create plans to achieve them. #IndieCruise is a step above all other types of business events, including mainstream conferences. Here's why:

– Instead of watching speakers, we speak with each other.
– Instead of observing panel discussions, we have one-on-one conversations.
– Instead of door prizes and stuffed chicken, we hone life plans amid tropical breezes, sunsets and unlimited fresh lobster entrees and lemon mousse dessert.

The theme of #IndieCruise 2012 is Create The Life You Love.

If you already know you want to register, then by all means, skip this post and go straight to our Cruise Registration page and sign yourself up now so you don't miss out! If you're still on the fence, consider what you'll miss out on if you don't join us.

#IndieCruise Is Not Just About Your Business; It's About Your Life

#IndieCruise offers a unique opportunity to learn and network with a community of inspiring, motivated entrepreneurs who understand “INDIE,” who think like you do, and who want to teach you from their experiences as you teach them from yours.

Not only is it perhaps your one chance a year to relax and unwind with your peers, but it's also an opportunity to learn with me one-on-one as I show you how to uplevel your Internet marketing, branding and network building skills so you can truly have the business — and the life — of your dreams.

Schedule Of Events

Catch Bar & Grill

Bon Voyage MeetUp: First, we'll hook up on at 5:30 on February 24 on the waterfront at the beautiful Berries In The Grove. Berries In The Grove is known for health-conscious dishes and decadent favorites, and specializes in steaks, homemade pasta, and, of course, seafood! Visit the restaurant's FaceBook Photo Album and start drooling now. Our MeetUp will go from 5:30 until — We'll stay the night a short five minutes away at the Hampton Inn at Coconut Grove. (Restaurant and hotel are subject to change.)

Our MeetUp will include Indie Cruisers, and other Indies in the Miami area who want to connect with you in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, and send us off to the Caribbean in style!


Fun + Collaborative MasterMind Discussions

In between shore excursions, spa, pool, food, casino, comedic entertainment, and you'll connect intimately with your peers in four Collaborative MasterMind Discussions designed to help you maximize your potential and grow personally through the business you lead every day.

The photo above is from an #IndieCruise 2011 MasterMind Discussion, pictured, bottom left to right are (links go to their FaceBook Pages): Kelly Bloom of Southern Soapers, La Shonda Tyree of Handmade Soap Coach, Dawn Fitch of Pooka Pure & Simple, Lela Barker of Bella Lucce, Nikie Brown of Wishnik Photography.

Here's what you'll enjoy (the order of events may change):

MM Discussion No. 1: “Create the life you love: Real relationship, real business results”.

Today, the products and services you offer are almost secondary to the relationships that create the living ecosystem within which you offer them to the public. Think about it — how many people do you know with great products who can't sell them because they don't have the relationships and platform needed to support what they have to offer?

Your success in business is inextricably connected to who you are, and to your own unique, personal story.

Good products are not enough. There are just too many other people out there with good products. Today, the real appeal of your brand is that Y-O-U, the person behind the brand, extend yourself to your customers and show them that you want relationship first, business later.

In Create the life you love: Real relationships, real business results, we'll roll up our sleeves together and discover the relationships you need to build the platform you need to propel your life forward — so you can propel your business forward.

We'll help each other become crystal clear about our business goals (financial and otherwise), and brainstorm the best ways to use technology and our unique personalities to achieve those goals.

Then, it's off to Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Excursion: Enjoy Ocho Rios, either on your own or or an available tour. Known for the world famous Dunn's River Falls and serene botanical gardens, Ocho Rios is a great place to relax and unplug from the hustle and bustle of life — not to mention the best location in the world to enjoy true Jamaican rum!

We'll be able to choose your Ocho Rios excursion on your own or with a group of as few or as many as you please. It's fun to discover what other people like and plan your Caribbean experience with them. As you enjoy the day, you'll also find yourselves expanding on your MasterMind discussions. You'll be amazed at the insights and plans that develop as you address your future life and business surrounded by cascading waterfalls and topical breezes.

After returning to the ship from our Ocho Rios adventure, we'll enjoy a fabulous dinner, some dancing and fun, and then an overnight cruise to Grand Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Excursion

Kissed by sparkling, turquoise waters, Seven Mile Beach (pictured) on Grand Cayman is a dream come true for water sports enthusiasts. We'll be able to snorkel with stingrays, scuba dive, sail a catamaran, take in some sport fishing, or just mellow out along the powder-soft sand of the magnificent Seven Mile Beach — or all of the above if you can squeeze it in on a full day excursion.

After a day of snorkeling and cozying up to the marine life, we'll return to the ship for comedy clubs, a bit of time at the slot machine (for those who are so inclined), more dancing and perhaps a trip to the spa or an Indie Par-tay in my balcony room on Deck 8, Room 8136.

MM Discussion No. 2: Create the life you love: craft a personal brand that creates a lifetime of opportunities.

Think of Lisa Price, and you think of Carol's Daughter.

Think of Steve Jobs and you think of Apple.

Think of Howard Schultz and you think of Starbucks.

Think of Donna Maria and you think of Indie. (Don't you? LOL!)

Why is this true across the board in so many different industries? Because today, your customers want to connect what they love about you with what they love about your products. Helping them make this connection is your chief marketing job today — in fact it is the whole of marketing today!

But how do you maneuver between being a private person and sharing yourself enough to cause people to want to buy from you instead of from someone else? Well, it all comes down to clarifying your goals (see above) and creating a brand that helps you achieve them.

After solidifying a vision in this regard, we'll have a delicious lunch, and return for the next MasterMind session.

MM Discussion No. 3: Create the life you love: Mark your territory, and expand your profit centers and your bank account.

Once we've honed in on what we want, and created a branded presence to help us get it, we'll move to using technology to tie it all together.

During this session, you'll select from a variety of specific options I have used personally to create, craft, and solidify my brand. In tandem with my advice and the tips, insights, and suggestions offered by everyone else on #IndieCruise, we will choose your best technological options and set you on course for using them to maximize the business you have now — and create new opportunities as well!

After this intense and challenging discussion, you'll deserve a trip to the luxury on board spa.

Hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Spa Experience: Are You Ready To Relax?

In addition to limitless amounts of food (including lots of healthful choices!), you'll enjoy access to the on-board casino, fun entertainment and, of course, the spa! That's right, you'll be able to choose a la carte from dozens of services designed to further enhance your Caribbean cruise experience. Ahhhh. I'm feelin' it already!

Between excursions and MasterMinding, there is plenty of time for the amazing on board treatments — every possible kind you can imagine are offered!

MM Discussion No. 4: Create the life you love: Enjoy your life! Build your business! Have your way!: Finally, we'll put all of this together for a cohesive look that ties together your business and your personal brand to create more opportunities for you to expand your horizons.

Think Steve Jobs and his trademark jeans and blue turtle neck.
Think Andrea Jung and the over-sized pearls she wears every day.
Think Suze Orman and her solid gold ear rings — the only pair of ear rings she owns.

From fashion to something as simple as the way you speak and relate to people, we'll tie together any loose ends and coordinate a look and feel that says, “I'm here, and I'm ready to do business with you now!”

Throughout the event, we'll cover team building as well as taking the MasterMind sessions to a whole new level when you get back home. We'll implement the best follow-up mechanisms so we turn what we learn on Indie Cruise into action.


If you provide consulting services to Indies, you'll be able to schedule your consultations in quiet conference rooms at no additional charge throughout our time on board ship. This is a great opportunity to meet existing clients and develop your client base in a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Continuous MasterMinding: The Indie Cruise Experience does not end when we once again set foot on dry land. When we return, you'll be challenged to continue the MasterMind experience. Opportunities to hook up with new MasterMind partners, plus tips to help you create a successful MasterMind of your own will be available to you. Choose to MasterMind with people you meet on board, and bring others to join you when you get home if you'd like.

I'll host monthly online MasterMind sessions for my #IndieCruise participate for 6 months after we return … more about that later.

Remember, knowledge is great, but it really only matters when it is translated into action. This is what #IndieCruise is all about — oh yes, that and a whole bunch of fun too!

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So, come on! Do you want adventure, or do you want safety?

Do you want what everyone else has, or do you want what you want?

Do you want your business to create chaos or opportunity in your life?

I know what I want, so I'm going on #IndieCruise! Join me, yes?

You won't want to miss this collaborative sharing event — your life will never be the same!

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