Indies Helping Houston

In this post, I shared that on Wednesday, I'll participate in a complimentary webinar where you can enjoy rare entrepreneurial training simply by making a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Be sure to sign up for that! Today, in this post, I am sharing some of the love that our IBN members are showering on Houston.

There are some great opportunities to kill two birds with one stone here by simultaneously helping Houston recover and snapping up some of the handmade products you love.

Indies Helping Houston

  1. Flourish Natural Body Care (Woodstock, VT)

    Flourish is helping to create a ripple effect. From now until the end of Labor Day, send them a screenshot of your charitable donation toward the relief efforts in Houston and they will send you a coupon for 35% off your online order of their organic hair and skincare products, through today. Get more details here.

  2. Sugarland Candle Co. (Sugarland, TX)

    Sugarland Candle Co. is donating 10% of every purchase during this month to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Here are the details on their Instagram, or see below.

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  4. Parisian's Pure Indulgence (Woodland Hills, CA)

    is donating 10% of proceeds from product purchases to Global Giving and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, for the next two weeks. Get more information at this link.

  5. Aromatherapy by Tricia Ambroziak (Temecula, CA)

    For an indefinite period of time, Tricia Ambroziak is donating $8 from each sale of her Open Hearts aromatherapy blends to the Texas Diaper Bank. Buy yours here.

  6. Mauritia's Essentials (Randallstown, MD)

    Maurita's Essentials donated hygiene items like some of her soap, body wash and body oil to a Houston area school with teachers and students who need a little TLC. Watch this video to see some of the products donated.

  7. Rachel's Plan B (Buda, TX)

    Now thru tomorrow, Raquel Najera will send you a $10 gift card toward your next purchase of Rachel's Plan B products when you give $10 or more to your charity of choice. Get the details at this link.

  8. Love Wild Design

    Love Wild Design (Brooklyn, NY) is donating 30% of online sales to Austin Pets Alive, throughout this week. Here are the details on their Instagram, and, of course, who can resist watching this cute video?

  9. Dulse and Rugosa (Rockland, ME)

    100% of Dulse and Rugosa's Mama Earth Shower Shot sales for the foreseeable future will be donated to the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help with recovery. Get the details at this link.

  10. The Willow Crossing (Arkansas City, KS)

    The Willow Crossing is donating 20% of ALL sales (including online, shows, and consignment and retail stores) during the month of September to a charity that can justly dispense help. Get the details at this link.

  11. Nature's Gift (Madison, TN)

    Working with the United Aromatherapy Effort, Nature's Gift sent a shipment of their aromatherapy inhalers and blends to Austin for the Hurricane Harvey refugees there. Join the United Aromatherapy Effort's Facebook group for information how you can help, and read more about Nature's Gifts' efforts to help at this link.

Shop and Help!

This post will be supplemented with additional links as more of our members share their efforts to help the people of Houston. Meanwhile, click above and start shopping and helping!

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