Makers on the Move (Episode 1: September 2017)

The best thing about life today is that creativity and inspiration is all around us. Honestly, what did our parents do? What inspired them to create and produce things that could help them provide for their families? Can you imagine coming of age when your options were limited by traditional career paths? I am so glad that I'm coming of age in a world where so much more is possible for people who want to own and manage a business for themselves.

That's why, no matter what type of business a person is in, I allow myself to be inspired by him or her. I may have an entirely different business model from another entrepreneur. I may make less money or more money than another entrepreneur. I may live a totally different lifestyle from another entrepreneur, or I could live a similar lifestyle. It doesn't matter. Seeing so many people reach for their best inspires me to do the same. Now that I think of it, that's the best part of leading the Indie Business Network. It's such a blessing, and it makes me want to share with you the same inspiration I get every single day of my life.

Last week, we brought you Makers who are moving and shaking in Virginia, Texas, and Michigan. This week, we bring you inspiration from New York, Arizona, and New Jersey. See anyone you know?

Getting spooky in New York

October will be here before you know it, and with it, the scariest night of the year. To help you dress the little ghosts and goblins for their Halloween shenanigans, our member Jennifer Kurko of Kiss Freely in West Hempstead, New York, has this kid-friendly makeup option for you.

Visit KissFreely here, and don't forget to catch the very cute story of how and why Jennifer started the company … so she and her family could kiss more freely. It's super cute, and you can watch a little video about it here.

Best trade booth in Arizona

At last month's Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas, Samantha Thompson of Standard Wax in Tempe, Arizona, was awarded the Best Booth award! Here's why.

Doesn't that look awesome!? Make sure you check out their products that “bring art into your everyday,” and see what you're missing! Click here to learn more about the Pool Trade Show for independent, art-inspired fashion and accessories.

Visit the Standard Wax website here.

It's a vlogust in New Jersey

Not using video in your business today is like trying run a business 10 years ago without a website. It ain't happenin' … Our member, Donna DeRosa of Donna DeRosa Coaching in Sewell, New Jersey, took that video bull by the horns last month by vlogging every. single. day.

Could you do that? Of course you could. But would you? Check out Donna's Vlogust (combining video blog and August) videos introducing her Mediterranean diet and lifestyle vlogging journey.

Makers are not changing the face of American business. They are changing the face of America.Click To Tweet

Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

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