Indies in the City: San Francisco

I Love Indies in San Francisco!

We had a fantastic time last night at Indies in the City in Point Richmond, California, about 20 minutes outside of one of my favorite cities: San Francisco. I am here for the next 4 days to share my knowledge and experience at Lori Nova's Business Boot Camp. I am always excited to do that, but especially for this event because Lori's Nova Studio is such a lovely and intimate workshop. While I like sharing in any venue, I really love it when I can be up close and personal with other Indies. Here's a picture of everyone smiling in the midst of the chicha.


L to R: IBN member Donna Lang, The Aromatic Way; Rochel Roland, Kelly Chadwick of Pure Indulgence; dM, Ann Walls, IBN member Joan Morais of Joan Morais Natural Body Care Classes & Workshops; IBN member Lori Nova of The Nova Studio. Throughout the next four days, along with other experts in various fields of small business success, I'll be addressing Lori's group.

My topics are:

  • The New Brand of Business Leaders: Just look around at all of the failed examples of leadership in our society today. Politically, socially and especially in the real estate and financial worlds, people who have taken leadership seminars from the world's best have turned out to be some of the worst leaders of our time. Indies to the rescue! We are the new brand of business leaders. Gone are the days how to identify and embrace your own special form of Indie Business leadership
  • Saving Your Business Before it Starts: Who has time for tomes and volumes of paper exploring ad nauseum how a business will start and become profitable. I take the evening bag approach to business planning: focused and detailed, yet efficient and realistic. I love this one!
  • Your Hidden Intellectual Property Assets: Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Trademarks, copyrights and layers, oh my! Grasping this stuff is easier than you might think, and I'm going to share all of my attorney tricks from 20 years of practice so help avoid heartache and capitalize on assets that most people miss out on.
  • Become the News You Want to Be: Skip all the expensive workshops about how to get your products featured in top fashion magazines and national television talk shows. Bring the world to your door using using time, your creativity and your laptop. Indies are the news today, and your own story is the world's most popular headline! I'm going to show 17 lucky people how it's done!

You can see a full list of speakers and topics at Lori's website.

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