#IndieTakeover No. 1: Jennifer Waller at Celtic Complexion

Iam excited to introduce you to today's #IndieTakeover guest: Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion in Raleigh, North Carolina. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is a fun new way to build community and engagement around your brand.


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The Celtic Complexion brand is all about luxury artisan skincare. While any woman would love Celtic Complexion products, they are specifically designed for fairer skinned women, especially those who burn in the sun easily or who experience facial redness on a regular basis.

While I'm not fair skinned, I have tried many of Jennifer's products personally, and they are all wonderful. My personal favorites are her Calming Serum and her Celtic Jewel, both of which make my skin drank in like water during the winter months when I tried them.

While I'm sure you would love Jennifer's products, I'm just as sure that you'll love her as well. Here's Jennifer's #IndieTakeover introduction from this morning!

Be sure to follow Jennifer's entrepreneurial journey on IBN's Instagram today, and continue the fun by following the Celtic Complexion Instagram in the days and months to come.

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Celtic Complexion's is an alluring story to follow, as Jennifer is in business with her wonderful husband, Steve (otherwise known as Mr. Celtic Complexion). There are lots of soft colors and plenty of romantic luxury in the brand. If you're interested in luxurious pampering for your skin, mixed in with a little southern charm and some glamping to boot (you have to follow Celtic Complexion to know what that is), then feel free to share this #IndieTakeover with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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