#IndieTakeover No. 2: La Shonda Tyree at Nyah Beauty and Soap Coach

    Welcome to Day 2 of #IndieTakeover. Today, we'll follow La Shonda Tyree of Nyah Beauty and Handmade Soap Coach in Paterson, New Jersey. In case you haven't heard, #IndieTakeover is an exciting way to help you expose your brand to more people.

    Nyah Beauty

    If you missed our first #IndieTakeover yesterday, with Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion, you can check it out here. Here is a little bit about La Shonda as we start the day following her distinctive entrepreneurial journey.

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    The Nyah Beauty brand is all about empowering the artist in you using DIY bath and body as the medium. In addition t wholesaling her own line of soaps and bath and body products, La Shonda delights in teaching you how to make your own. Make sure to ask her about her “Sip and Soap” events, where you can sip the relaxing beverage of your choice w while you and your friends learn to make a fun and fragrant product.

    While I'm sure you would love La Shonda's products, I'm just as sure that you'll love her as well. Here's La Shonda's #IndieTakeover introduction from this morning!

    Good morning! I'm so excited to share with you my beauty and educational brand @nyah_beauty during today's #indietakeover!

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    Be sure to follow her entrepreneurial journey on IBN's Instagram today, and continue the fun by following the Nyah Beauty on Instagram in the days and months to come.

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    Nyah Beauty's is a fun story to follow. You'll be inspired as you see the fun and colorful things people make in La Shonda's studio. Hanging with La Shonda will definitely ramp up your confidence in the do-it-yourself department. She teachs classes throughout the eastern seaboard, and she often features highly sought after guest instructors. If you're interested in helping your friends add a little scented DIY to their lives too, then feel free to share this #IndieTakeover with your them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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