Join Me For: 5 Global Consumer Behavior Trends Affecting Your Brand

As founder and CEO of the Indie Beauty Network, I host regular teleseminars designed to help my members be successful. In addition to offering my own expertise, I invite other professionals to share from their experiences. This Thursday, 13 May 2010, I'll welcome Marc Sampogna, managing partner at New York City's Canopy Brand Group, a brand identity firm that helps companies develop strategic visual brand directions for their businesses.

On Thursday's 30-Minute Beauty Break, Marc (pictured) will discuss how Indie Business owners should respond to the 5 global trends that are impacting consumer purchasing behavior. He'll share what those trends are (some might surprise you!) and what specific things we should be doing to respond and get ahead of them. If you are a member of IBN, I hope you will join us, and you can click here to get the call-in details. (That is an IBN members only link and your login is required there!)

If you are not an IBN member (gasp!), you can learn more about this event and other benefits of membership at our social networking site at this link. (You must be a part of the community to see the information at that link — becoming a part of the community is free!)

To learn more about Marc and his expertise, you might enjoy reading Marc's post: “Do Your Colors Accurately Represent Your Brand?” Leave a comment there and send Marc an email and he'll provide a quick analysis of what your brand colors mean and whether or not they link with your brand.

Question: What colors do you use in your marketing materials to represent your brand, and why?

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