Make A Blog Post Graphic For Free At Wordle!

The other day, I was enjoying Michael Hyatt's blog (which I really do enjoy!), and I came across his post sharing his most popular posts from September.

I liked the post, but what caught my attention was the graphic, which Michael created using Wordle. Since I was at that very moment finishing up a post for which I had no graphic, I went to Wordle and made a graphic for my post, which I published just moments later. Here it is.

The Wordle FAQ answers any question you may have. The instructions are so simple, even I could do it. Now, you can't say you don't have a graphic to go along with your post. You don't have to take a picture. You don't have to buy a graphic. And you don't have to stoop to the level that so many people do, and take one without permission from someone else's site. You can create one for free at Wordle!

The Wordle for this post showcases the many reasons you should have a blog.

What did I miss?

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