Maker Mastermind™ Live Recap: April 2018: Chicago

Masker Mastermind Live: Chicago: Emerge + Engage was fun and fulfilling! Attendees joined me two days of Masterminding, goal setting, business planning, Maker shopping, and fun.

We kicked off Maker Mastermind™ Live: Chicago: Emerge + Engage the night before with a delicious Mastermind Dinner at the meat free Veggie Diner where we learned everything there is to know about vegan “cheese.” We got to know each other a bit and become familiar with each other's dreams and plans. This paved the way for more honest and open networking throughout the next day.

After a good night of restful slumber, the next day was all about moving through the Emerge and Engage Phases of my Indie Method entrepreneurial training. Each phase consists of several distinct and specific steps that form the basis for a solid business foundation. It's the most important part of setting up your business for success, and the part that most people skip — only to regret having done so later.

We enjoyed masterminding, hot seat coaching, and everyone got one-on-one coaching with me. The most popular issues we strategized on and developed plans for included: identifying a niche target market, setting clear financial goals, finding more time for family and personal life while running a profitable business, using live video to reach more customers and generate more sales, clarifying brand stories, and long-term business planning.

Everyone put their ideas and action-oriented tasks together into a specific plan for the next 90 days of their business. To facilitate this, not only did we ask each other clarifying questions to get to the heart of specific goals, but we also played my signature Maker Mastermind board game. This game is the most fun you'll ever have planning your business.

One attendee even scrapped an entire business model after finally admitting to herself that her passions were actually elsewhere. This is exactly the kind of self-awareness everyone needs in order to be successful in business.

I love helping people avoid the wasted time and energy that results when you hitch your wagon to the wrong star!

We masterminded the morning and afternoon away until it was time to go to The One of a Kind Show at the famed Merchandise Mart, where we enjoyed a bit of retail therapy and seeing how other brands displayed their wares and interacted with customers. Here is some of the stash I picked up at The One of a Kind Show in Chicago.

Left to right: Sweet Orange Face + Body Balm by Simply Smita, Cardamom + Teak candle by Chandler Candle Co., Açaí + Blueberry energy snack by Tea Squares, and Pinch Me Dough in Grapefruit by Pinch Me Therapy Dough.

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Ann Kuchera Stoll, Blossom's Barn

Here is a little of the praise received after Maker Mastermind: Chicago:

“I came to the Chicago Maker Mastermind weary and droopy eyed. I wasn't sure what I neeed, but dM was quick to see what I did need. She helped me reign in the shiny object issue. Thanks so much for this opportunity and giving me clarity again!”” – Ann Kuchera, owner Blossom's Barn, Melvin, IL

Maker Mastermind™ Live is now Maker Mastermind Circles!

Because it is such a challenge for entrepreneurs to pull away form their everyday life and business responsibilities, many people asked me how they could attend Maker Mastermind Live without having to travel.

The answer is Maker Mastermind Circles!

Maker Mastermind™ Circles are your opportunity to completely slay one audacious goal and two mini goals in a 12-week period, with the personalized guidance of an experienced entrepreneurial mentor and the support of a loving community. You'll replace lackluster mega goal setting strategies with bite-sized heat seeking success steps that help you hit your target — every. single. time.

Each week, and daily inside your Circle, you'll move toward your goals one small and steady step at at a time. You'll get the support you need from your Maker Mastermind Mentor and everyone in your circle.

Your Maker Mastermind™ Mentor, a successful and experienced entrepreneur, will personally be by your side every step of the way.

Importantly, your Maker Mastermind Circles are curated to include people who are roughly at the same level as you in their personal and professional lives. This will ensure the creation of an optimal business and personal growth environment for you.

Maker Mastermind™ Circles only open for limited times throughout the year.Learn more and register here.

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