Makers on the Move (Episode 4: June 2017)

The good news just keeps coming from our Indie Business Network members. Last week, we shared wins from members in Florida, New Hampshire, and California. If you missed them, you can catch them here. This week, we bring you excitement from Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan.

You will love being inspired by the smart moves our members are making nationwide. It's exciting to share some of their stories with you every week here at Indie Business Blog. Let's do it!

Holding it down at Renegade Craft: Brooklyn

As you may know, IBN has a special love for artisan craft markets. One of our favorites is Renegade Craft Fair, which is hosted in multiple cities nationwide every year.

In fact, we are hosting Maker Mastermind Live this weekend in Boston, and as part of the event, we'll be taking a trip to Renegade Boston. Earlier this week, just a few hundred miles to the north in Brooklyn, our members Sierra Valentina of Love Wild Design (on the left) and Ilaria Tarozzi of Body Stuff offered their wares at the very first Renegade in Brooklyn. Here they are looking thrilled to be sharing their products with the world.

Congratulations on a great show, ladies!

Check out Sierra at Love Wild Design.

Check out Ilaria at I Love Body Stuff.

Shelf space in Wisconsin

Kathleen O'Laughlin of Green Goat Products in Wisconsin is excited to share that her Attar Bazaar scents and Nearly Naked Lip Tints and goat milk lotion are now available for purchase at Beans and Barley at 1901 East North Avenue, an iconic natural food store in a great central location in Milwaukee.

Let's watch those products fly off the shelves at Beans and Barley, and may their order be the first of many for you, Kathleen. Congratulations!

Check out Kathleen at Green Goat Products.

Check out Beans & Barley here.

Jack Ma is impressed by a Michigan Maker!

If you want to sell into China these days, you pretty much have to go through, around, under, or over Alibaba. Fortunately for small business owners, Jack Ma, Alibaba's founder, has a passion for helping entrepreneurs sell their products to Chinese consumers so much that he hosts an event to help them learn how to do it. Our member, Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious, was there this week. Not only that, as you can see from the image below, she found an audience in Jack Ma himself.

And if that was not good enough, Alibaba itself shared the picture with its 31,000 Twitter followershere!

Check out Gwen and Naturalicious.

Check out Alibaba's Gateway 2017 event here.

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