Makers on the Move (Episode 5: June 2017)

The members of the Indie Business Network are like a sun that never sets. They shine their lights from all corners of the nation, offering amazing products and making sure you know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Last week, we shared wins from members in Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan. If you missed them, you can catch them here. This week, we bring you excitement from and Indiana, New York, and Connecticut.

You will be inspired by the smart moves our members are making nationwide. It's exciting to share some of their stories with you every week here at Indie Business Blog. Let's do it!

A Launch in Indiana

We are celebrating with Pam Rodgers of Richmond, Indiana, on the launch of her new brand: Stella Chroma. Look at the lovely new logo … what pretty colors, yes?

Stella Chroma

Pam joined IBN back in 2014, and even then, I could tell something special was happening. In fact, I was so sure that Pam would be successful that I interviewed her for this blog just a few months after she joined. I knew that, one day, we'd have fun looking back at where she started, and how far she came.

Congratulations Pam! If you're looking for nail polish and the hand and nail products you need, then you need some Stella Chroma. Warning: it's hard to choose a color, but personally, I'm eyeing the Mama Lion. Whats' your favorite?

A Mens' Line Comes to Harlem!

Our member, Miguel A. Martinez, says that he felt like he was in the “background” when it came to mens's shaving products, because there were none on the market that seemed to target the unique grooming needs of the African American and Latino men like him. With his “That's Smooth” line, Miguel is filling that void. Watch this video to see more.

As the wife, daughter, mother, auntie, etc., of men of African descent, I can tell you that the irritation, burn, and razor bumps are real, and the men in my have struggled with them for decades. I've never investigated why traditional products are not effective for them, but I'm glad Miguel has done the work for all of us.

The product line includes shaving cream, beard oil, after shave balm, and more. Check it Miguel's That's Smooth collections this link. Miguel is a part of the Harlem Local Vendor Program.

A new spa brand in Connecticut

We are over the moon with Lisa Kennally in Connecticut, celebrating the launch of her new brand, Wild Air Skincare. After several years in business under another name, Lisa has changed things up, and if you have a spa, you need to check it out. You (and your clients) will love her line of products: lotions, oils, butters, and scrubs, in six yummy and custom blended options: Island Coconut, Chocolate, Lemon Verbena, Eucalyptus and Mint, Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry Orange. Retail is also available.

If you're lucky enough to have treated yourself to spas like The Spa at Norwich Inn and Haven Spa NYC, you may have already enjoyed some of Lisa's products. I tried the Eucalyptus and Mint last weekend at Maker Mastermind Live: Boston, and it is divine — perfect for summer!

Check out Wild Air Skincare, and if you have a spa with customers that value high end, customized products, you must give Lisa a call!

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