From the Land Down Under: Makers Biz Summit

I am thrilled to be participating this week in the first virtual Makers Biz Summit hosted by Deborah Engelmajer of Tizzit Design Company. Deb's business is located in “the land of plenty” in beautiful Australia. I hope to visit someday, but for now, I have to settle for this appearance as a part of an amazing virtual business event.

My topic is Leadership the Indie Business Way: Build Your Business and Enjoy Your Life. In the value-packed, hour-long presentation, I dive deeply into the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to help you lay a foundation for your life before you start trying to lay one for your business. This is critical, and it's one of the pillars upon which I built the Indie Business Network. I first started with what I wanted my life to look like, and then built a brand around that. When I tried to do it the other way around several years before I launched IBN, well, let's say it didn't work.

Here's Deb and I chatting it up, and having a great time!

Here is some of the organic feedback from my presentation, taken from the summit's private Facebook group:

As you can see, a good time is being had by all!

Register … it's Free!

You can register to attend the Makers Biz Summit, and get any content you may have missed! All you have to do is click here, submit the quick registration form, and you'll have an all access pass. Do it quickly though, because access closes next week. Enjoy!


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