Are You “Product Poor”?

The first time I went house hunting, a friend cautioned me not to get sucked into buying a house I could not afford. More specifically, he warned me not to buy so much house that I didn't have money left over to furnish it. In other words, he advised me not to be “house poor.”

Are You "Product Poor"?

Recently, it occurred to me that the “house poor” caution is a good one for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs to heed as well, when it comes to the number of products in their lines. If you have too many products in your line, you will not have the money needed to make your products appealing to buyers.

Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Just like you can have so much house that you lack the resources to furnish it, you can make so many products that you lack the resources to dress them up with a nice website, lovely packaging, pretty labels and awesome product photos.

Don't let this happen to you. Scale down your product line to what you can actually make, and still have the resources needed to dress them up for attractive display and sale.

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