More Than Chirping At Local TweetUps

So, you think Tweetups are a waste? No time to connect with your local Tweeters in person? No room in your busy life for “small talk”? If that sounds like you, consider that you could be missing out on fun like I had last night at the first Charlotte Tweetup of 2011 at Savor Cafe & Catering.

At Panera Bread

Not only did I meet local elected officials, including Charlotte Council Member Andy Dulin (pictured with me here) and Charlotte Council Member Warren Cooksey, but I also learned a lot and added a valuable physical dimension to relationships with people I've been Tweeting with for months — one of whom lives just a stone's throw from me! @raindawg and @amazingvidtours are both videographers, @jlw2621 is a freelance administrative assistant, and @thepixeldiva is a blog and website designer I met a fews years ago at WordCamp.

I also met the very wonderful @genevievejooste, who helped me snag the very last ticket to last night's event. (This was especially miraculous, considering that tickets were sold out within an hour and I happened to be on Twitter at the moment someone cancelled and their ticket became available.)

I got a crash course in how to start a marketing firm from @adamholdenbache (who owns one), got a fabulous new business idea from @onm_guy (sorry, sworn to secrecy on that one), and enjoyed being schooled by @king_of_sanik on the nuances of the book distribution industry.

Along with social media in general, local Tweetups are a valuable tool in your leadership and personal development arsenal.

The Charlotte Tweetup team hosts these events monthly at a different venue each time, so everyone gets a good look at local Charlotte hot spots. They will soon introduce a philanthropic angle to the events as well, so we can collectively support local non-profits. I know there are tons of people I missed, and I look forward to seeing and meeting them next time!

Look And Sniff, But Don't Swallow

So, before I go, I must tell you about last night's venue, Savor Cafe & Catering, a lovely little nook of a comfy place where you can enjoy all kinds of burgers, salads, sandwiches and dinner entrees. I must also warn you about the desserts. I enjoyed reading about (not eating) all of them that were available last night: Banana Pudding, Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Mile High Peanut Butter Pie, Butter Brickle Cheesecake, and Butterscotch Bread Pudding. Follow Savor Cafe & Catering here.

Join Us Next Month!

To remain abreast of Charlotte Tweetup plans and events, follow Charlotte Tweetup use the assigned hashtag: #cltweetup, and visit their website.

Question: Do you attend Tweetups in your area? Why or why not?

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