Need to hire a virtual assistant, but not sure where to start?

Afrequent topic of discussion among my IBN members and clients revolves around the issue of, “Not having enough time to do it all.” Everyone deals with this issue at different points in their lives, most of all when they find themselves at the helm of a business of their own.


But even when desperate for help, many small business owners dig in their heels and refuse to hire anyone, thinking they cannot afford it, or worse — that no one can do it like they can. If you're bootstrapping, you probably do have to do it all — at first. (I know I did.) But at some point, you must realize that you cannot sustain your business or your life if you don't have help. And one of the best ways to get help is to hire a virtual assistant to deal with important details that you don't have to personally manage yourself. In this call, you'll learn:

– how to know when it's time to hire an assistant
– how to know whether a virtual assistant would be better for you than someone in your office
– how to look for and interview a virtual assistant
– how to decide what to ask your VA to do
– how to begin to delegate specific tasks to your VA
– and so much more!

dmandanastaciabrice237x119Anastacia Brice is a professional business coach, and founder of AssistU — for more than 16 years, the premier organization committed to training, supporting, certifying and coaching Virtual Assistants, and consulting and providing referrals to those business owners who want to work with them.

An exceptionally talented partner to VAs, professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Anastacia is passionate about supporting others in the building of self-honoring, successful businesses and the creation of high-quality lives, helping them do that through creating rock-solid business foundations, wonderfully high standards, and vibrant virtual relationships.

It's happening this evening on IBN's Success Call, at 8pm ET. Please join us!

“How To Hire A Virtual Assistant”
with dM and Anastacia Brice of AssistU
Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 8pm ET
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