On Twitter, It’s Not Just About Content; It’s About Accessible Content

Twitter may be growing in value for its owners as they launch their new Promoted Tweets program, but it's worthless to you unless you pay attention to the details of how to use it properly. With one hundred million users, many of them small business owners, if you own a business but are not using Twitter (I don't just mean have a profile page — I mean really use Twitter), then your business is on its way to nowhere in the long run.

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While some use fancy algarithms to know whether Twitter works for their clients, I don't bother much of that stuff. I know it works because I meet new people who help my business grow. I don't need an algorithm to know when that happens. There are lots of simple things you can do to make Twitter work better for you, and one of them is to remember to include hyperlinks in your Tweets, especially when you reply to people who have included links in their Tweets. This video explains it, but if you don't feel like watching it right now, just read on.

When someone Tweets something that you like, like this recipe which I Tweeted last week, and you reply to them, include the link to the recipe (or whatever you liked and want to share) so your followers can know what you are talking about. For example, look at this Tweet, which was published in reply to this Tweet by me.

What if you are following the person who replied to me, and you want the recipe? Are you going to take the time to click on my Twitter name, go to my Twitter stream and look for it? But if you see a Tweet like this, not only do you get the recipe link, but you also get an opinion from someone you are following. This makes their Twitter stream more valuable to you.

So, to make your Twitter stream more valuable to your followers, and to increase your sphere of influence on Twitter, be sure to include links to recipes, photos, articles, videos, etc., that are contained in Tweets that you respond to.

Question: What do you think of this technique? Is it worth the few extra seconds it takes to do this to make Twitter work better for your business?


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